7 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look SO Much Bigger!

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With the right products at the right places you can easily make your eyes look bigger!

Over the years many beauty trends have come and gone. But big doe-shaped eyes continue to be an ideal for most. And while some are lucky to be born with Bambi-like eyes, its a challenge for the likes of us. Luckily, there a few makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger. 

With the right products at the right places, you can easily achieve the Disney princess-esque Bambi eyes. Here is the ultimate guide to make your eyes pop, even after you've had a rough night. 

1. Undress your lids 


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When it comes to enhancing the shape of your eyes, it's not just the upper lid you need to work on but also the lower. This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book because it actually works.

Lining your lower lash line instantly makes your eyes look more awake and wide. But remember that a liner on the lower lash line doesn't last that long. So make sure you carry one for a quick reapplication. 

2. Smartly highlight 


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It's all about that glow! Highlighting is not only restricted to your cheeks, but also comes handy if you want to make your eyes pop. You just need a dash of highlighter on three areas of eyes to make them bold, big and more beautiful.

Pop some on to your brow bone, making sure you don't take it all the way towards the bridge of your nose. Add a bit in the inner corners of your eyes and some on the top of your lid and viola! You're done.   

3. Strategically place the concealer 

In order to emphasise the eyes and bring them forward, pop a dash of concealer to your inner and outer corners. They brighten up the areas which are naturally dark and may have a shadow. 

Our pro tip is to add your highlighter on top of the lid areas you concealed to make them appear more bright.  

4. Give your a lash lift 


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Now there has been some debate about this- should you get a temporary lash lift or just use a lifting mascara? Honestly, the choice is totally upto you. If you want your lashes to last you through a couple of weeks without having to touch them up each day then a lash lift is a great idea. 

But if you are willing to put in a bit of effort, choose a lash lifting mascara like the L’Oréal Paris False Lash Butterfly Waterproof Mascara, S$27.90. These separate each lash and add pump and volume to them. You can also opt for falsies, if you have time for that kind of commitment. 

5. Love your lower lashes equally 


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While you're at it, don't forget about adding volume to your lower lash line. Most girls often leave them as is and are skeptical to add any mascara onto them.

But giving them a bit of lift and separation actually works to open up the eyes and make them look more awake and wide. Our pro tip is to use a waterproof mascara if you don't use a lash primer. Try the Tarte Gifted™ Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara - Black, S$35. It's perfect for separating those stubborn lower lashes and keeps them in place the entire day. 

6. Define that crease 

The trick to making your eyes appear bigger than they naturally are is to cut a precise crease. It can make all the difference by adding dimension to what may be hooded eyes.  

To cut crease on Asian eyes begin by applying a primer and steady it in place with a banana powder. Now add a slightly deeper shade right above your movable lid till your orbital bone to create the illusion of a fake crease. Add another more deeper shade right on your orbital bone to sharpen the crease.

Next, use a light beige colour to fill your movable lid. Start from the inner corner of your eyes all the way to the outer corner. Then define your outer corner with a deeper shade and blend it slightly with the light shade you used on your movable lid. Once you are happy with the way that looks you can wrap it up by adding a liner and mascara. 

7. Just wing it


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Speaking of liner, your final step to make your eyes look bigger is to add a bit of liner. Now remember that if you apply the same thickness of liner from your inner corner all the way to the outer corner you will destroy all the hard work you just did to cut the crease. 

So to make your eyes look bigger start drawing the liner slightly away from the inner corner and gradually thicken it as you reach the outer corner.

You can even add a wing if you so like just to elongate and make them appear slightly almond-shaped. Plonk some mascara on and you are good to go! 

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Deepshikha Punj