Why We Think Liza Soberano Is The Ultimate Queen Of Style

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Liza Soberano outfits are chic, trendy and always on-point

At just 20, Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano is a major style influencer on Instagram. A household name in the Philippines—thanks to her multiple television roles— Soberano dons a carefully curated wardrobe that allows her to transition effortlessly from cool tomboy to feminine chic. 

In fact, with a bit of help from her stylist Perry Tabora, the gorgeous Filipina has managed to developed a personal style that resonates with many young girls. So her 8.3 million Instagram followers not only see her in red carpet gowns, but also in ripped jeans, bodycons and causal denims.   

Tabora credits this experimentation and the typical Liza Soberano outfits to her adventurous streak. 

“I always enjoy collaborating on looks with Liza. She’s so adventurous when it comes to trying out new styles and is always open to suggestions,” as she tells Vogue

It is this quality of hers that makes Soberano one of our favourite style icons. If you're in need of a wardrobe overhaul, we suggest taking a cue from her wardrobe. These pieces can be reworked time and again and infused into your personal wardrobe.   

9 Liza Soberano Outfits That Are Perfect For Any Girl Next Door

1. Lisa's floral feminine style 

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The 20-year-old who was born in Santa Clara, California and moved to Manila when she was 10, was always considered the fashionable one.

In fact, she was discovered by talent scouts when she was in her early teens and began getting modelling gigs. That exposure allowed this gorgeous Filipina to experiment with looks including this floral chic one. 

2. Soberano's sexy chic style

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Soon after being discovered, Soberano began learingn Tagalog, an Austronesian language that is widely spoken across the Philippines.

This helped the leggy lass make her mark in the Filipino television scene. And thanks to her various roles, she got the opportunity to experiment with different looks. 

3. Lisa's corporate casual style

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Whether it was fashion forward leather jackets or sexy jumpsuits, Soberano can literally pull off any outfit effortlessly. Thankfully, as her popularity grew and Tabora continued to guide her, Soberano's fashion sensibilities also evolved. 

She came into own, understood her personal style and is often seen is cool casuals on her days off. 

4. Soberano's tomboy cool style

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That's not to say that she doesn't dabble in tomboy outfits or experiment with androgynous looks, because she does and how.

However, her image continues to remain sweet and innocent and the audience loves to see her in florals and feminine looks. Safe to say, she mixes things up and doesn't disappoint. 

5. Lisa's floral co-ord style

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Soberano has never shied away from trying new styles and that clearly gives her stylist the chance to dress her up in experimental clothes.

As Tabora admitted to Vogue, “Liza’s looks are always youthful, fresh, and with an understated elegance.”

6. Soberano's cute style  

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Although Soberano's stylists love to dress her up in various looks, her selection is personally based only on comfort.

As she once said, "I'm not really conscious about that,” the Dolce Amore actress shyly replied. "When I dress up, I like to dress up with something I'm comfortable in."

She also added that is she doesn't feel comfortable in an outfit, she either refuses to wear it or avoids it.

7. Lisa's all about the casual cool

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The 2o-year-old television star also shared that she doesn't feel the need to impress anybody. “But no, I'm not conscious na when I go out, I have to impress. Whatever I feel like wearing, that's what I'll wear," she shared. 

She also added that she doesn't like to wear too many revealing outfits, as well.

"I don't like showing too much skin, as you can see. Showing a touch of skin is okay so that they could see how beautiful your skin is, but not too much.

8. Lisa's celebrity glam style

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But if the need be, Soberano can give successful models a run for their money. She knows exactly how to pull off a glamorous look. 

Even her stylist makes sure to explore her confidence. As she told Vogue, "To give [her outfits] that unique quality we always try to mix aesthetics.”

9. Soberano's red carpet ready 

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The leggy lass recently turned up at the ABS-CBN Ball 2018 in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown and slayed the red carpet as always. She also carried a Neil Felipp San Pedro minaudière and tried a never-before-done hairstyle. 

Needless to say, she was one of the best dressed celebrities at the do. 

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