#NoFilter Goals: The Inspo Month

#NoFilter Goals: The Inspo Month#NoFilter Goals: The Inspo Month

Welcome to 2019. Here's what we have in store for you this month.

This month is all about fresh starts — new year, new you, right? We’re smarter, stronger, and better than we’ve ever been before, and we’re really hopeful for the year to come.

Our January will be all about living life with intention — doing things right, putting our best face forward, and not just setting goals, but achieving them. We’ll be pushing out stories on designing the life you want and not just settling for what’s already there.

What are the big resolutions you should make and keep? How do you project confidence when you’re terrified AF? How do you pick yourself up from your mistakes and come out stronger? We’ll be answering these questions and more, so stay tuned.

We’re diving deep into the self-confidence this month, with body advocates from Singapore and the Philippines sharing their stories and inspiring us with their confidence and sass.

And we also want to bring you into the conversation, so tell us about what body positivity means to you and how you’ll be working on it this year.

Our fashion and beauty features will be all about achieving balance as you reach your goals. From trying skincare routines that allow you to embrace your natural beauty, to learning how to dress to impress for job interviews, to creating comfortable outfits and makeup looks that’ll look bomb all day — perfect for busy power women like you and me. 

We’re also speaking to celebrity makeup experts to bring you tricks and tips to look natural and glowy a la Meghan Markle. And as always, our hawk eyes will be on the latest trends in runway fashion and beauty so you can step out with your best foot forward.

And in the entertainment section, we’ll be focusing on power women in media, as well as curating playlists to bring out the badass superachiever in you.

Get ready — the best version of yourself is just around the corner.

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