How To Pull Off A Korean-Inspired No-Makeup Makeup Look

How To Pull Off A Korean-Inspired No-Makeup Makeup LookHow To Pull Off A Korean-Inspired No-Makeup Makeup Look

The Korean look is dewy and soft and possibly one of the best beauty routines for a busy working girl

Almost overnight, everybody I follow morphed into a Korean beauty fanatic. My social media feeds were filled with girls discussing their favourite serums, acids, cleansers, and face masks. But now it seems like a new K-beauty fad has taken over the Internet — the no-makeup makeup Korean look.  

In addition to K-beauty skincare, girls are now drooling over Korean makeup, which is all about enhancing natural beauty. Its dewy, soft and focusses on flawless skin, tinted lips and flat eyebrows, and honestly one of the best beauty routines for a busy working girl. 

And with Korean brands like Banila making their way into the Singaporean and Filipino markets, getting that perfect no-makeup makeup Korean look is no longer a dream. You can also look flawless, brighter and dewy by just incorporating a few Korean makeup steps into your routine. 

How To Ace The No-Makeup Makeup Korean Look 

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1. Korean look begins with moisturised skin 

The first step in any Korean no-makeup makeup routine is to create the perfect canvas. You'll be off to a good start if you cleanse and moisturise your face.

So begin by removing dirt, gunk or sebum using a cleanser. Next, apply a gentle toner that is rich in antioxidants and can gradually reduce enlarged pores. And finally, lather your face up with a moisturiser.  

2. Prep your skin for makeup 

Yes, you aren't done prepping your skin just by washing and lathering up some moisturiser. If you want a luminous and soft dewy look, you'll have to lock in all this moisture.

For that you can use a product such as the Banila Co’s CC Cream (S$6-S$23). It essentially colour corrects and removes redness from your face whilst brightening it, all at the same time.

3. Apply a water-based light foundation

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You can use any foundation of your choice, as long as it is water-based and sheer in coverage. That's the trick of a Korean no-makeup makeup look after all.

We recommend the It Radiant CC Cushion SPF 30, Banila Co. (S$32). Since this is light-weight and has sheer coverage, it will let the moisture shine through. Plus, water-based means its good for your skin and won't cause acne. 

To keep your foundation looking super natural, don't pat the cushion all over your face. Instead, keep its application limited to the heart zone that includes your t-zone, eyes, upper lip, apples of your cheek and chin.  

4. Create straight thick brows 

Korean girls love their straight thick brows and it is the ultimate trick to recreate a this no-makeup makeup look. Start by thickening the outer edge and slowly work your way in, filling up any sparse areas.

Make sure to not draw a high arch and instead create a soft curve that is almost straight. Also, the Korean no-makeup makeup look is not about the perfect Instagram style brows, so go a bit natural and don't darken the colour too much. But remember to make them thick. We recommend the LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-cara (S$36). 

5. Line your upper lash line 

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Lining your upper lash line instantly makes your eyes look more open and adds a slight volume to your upper lashes. The trick is to only apply an eyeliner or kohl in the upper lash line without smudging it or adding it to your lid. 

This trick is commonly used in Korean makeup routines and leaves the eyes looking naturally fluttery, open and big. You can use any eyeliner or kohl or kajal as you please. Dark brown colour works best on Asian eyes as it looks a lot more natural than black. 

6. Go for a gradient lip

The Korean no-makeup makeup look is incomplete without a gradient lip. It gives the illusion of having gorgeous plump lips but without the effort. 

We recommend the new NYX Professional Makeup Puppy Love Powder Puff Lippie (S$20). Featuring a pillowy cushion-applicator, these new Powder Puff Lippies go on mousse-y and set to a powdery-soft finish, which is exactly the base you need for this look. 

You can dab a lip gloss in the middle of your lips to give them a fuller appearance and follow it up by blending the outer edges

7. Give your cheeks a flush of colour 

Most Korean girls prefer the dewy and moisturised look. So opt for a cream blush formula for a flush of colour on your cheeks. You can try the 3CE Cream Blusher in Pink (S$22).

However, if you do not have a cream blusher, you can top up your regular powder blush with a highlighter. We recommend the NYX Love You So Mochi Highlighting Palette (S$32) that comes in two colour-kissed palettes that reflect light for a glossy glow look at all angles. Its the perfect top up to give you that dewy Korean no-makeup makeup look.

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