Korean Beauty Brands You Must Get Your Hands On Today!

Korean Beauty Brands You Must Get Your Hands On Today!Korean Beauty Brands You Must Get Your Hands On Today!

This year you will have to expand your Korean beauty brands list!

There has been a revolution- a Korean-beauty revolution, and none of us have been spared.

No, we are not talking about any actual revolution, but the one that has hit the cosmetics industry. If you haven’t heard already because you’ve been living under a brick, then let us tell you that Korean beauty brands have taken over their western counterparts and have very quickly become staples of the beauty landscape.

Their use of natural ingredients and result generating skincare products have become a cult favourite. And with a growing market of Korean-sourced products, more local brands are popping into international stores.

No wonder we were forced to expand our Korean beauty brands list. But we are happy to report that most of them are promising and we highly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for these brands.

7 Korean Beauty Brands You Must Check Out 

#1 Make.P:rem

Minimalistic, clean and soothing packaging along with its unique take on face masks, has made this brand a cult favourite.

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You no longer have to settle for sheet masks with this brand. You can try their foil masks, in-shower masks and even double layering masks!

#2 Atopalm

A well-loved Korean brand is now making waves in the West, thanks to its patented ingredient, called MLE.

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The company claims that this ingredient mimics our skin's natural moisture barrier is even the doctors recommend it to treat eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and even redness.

#3 Etude House

You may have already heard about this brand since it is compared to MAC. It’s masstige affordable products are a hit in Korea and many South East Asian countries as well.

You may have seen multiple Instagram beauty gurus try on a peel-off eyebrow tint? Yes! It was an Etude House product.

#4 J.One

Interestingly, this brand was founded by the popular Korean actress, Ha Ji-Won with the idea of creating products that work quickly and effectively.

One of its most famous products is the anti-ageing capsules that you can either use on the face or consume. Perfect for a no-fuss busy woman.

#5 Peach and Lily

Apart from the cute name and packaging, this brand has been making waves for its cosmetic products and is from the founder of Altopalm, Alicia Yoon.

Its S$8 dreamy sheet masks are definitely a must try for their intense calming properties. In case you haven’t got your hands on it just yet.  

#6 Missha

If revolutionising the skincare market was the entire plan then Missha is definitely succeeding. The company has been introducing concepts that were never heard of before.

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For instance, instead of a primer Missha offer a light ‘base makeup’ (using a product that preps your skin for a light coverage product, like a BB cream).

This preps the skin for light coverage makeup and make you makeup look natural and dewy.

#7 Neogen

They are known to use technology and cruelty-free formulas in Korea so it’s no doubt you will find the same quality wherever you buy their products.

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Their double cleansing formulas are especially popular in the West because not many have the time for an actual 10-step skin care routine.

While these are some of the brands we are keeping an eye on, we are sure we will have to expand the list even more next year. Till then, try these products and let us know what you think of Korean beauty brands.    

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj