Kelsey Merritt Recreates Makeup Routine That Got Her The Victoria's Secret Stint

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The 22-year-old Kelsey Merritt, not only snagged the envious modelling job, but also became the first ever Filipino to do so

There are models and then there are the gorgeous Victoria's Secret angels who can set any television screen on fire. This year, among the many famous Victoria's Secret faces was the little known Kelsey Merritt. The 22-year-old not only snagged the envious job, but also became the first ever Filipino to do so.  

An AB Communications graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, Merritt walked the coveted lingerie show on November 8th, and even though she came under fire for her whitewashed looks, she still managed to win over many hearts.

"It feels like a dream," she told Teen Vogue.

The gorgeous Filipino also shared that she worked very hard to get this job. “It means a lot to me and the people back home because they’ve always wanted a Philippine model to walk,” she shared in a Vogue Beauty Secrets video. “It’s not just success for me—it’s also success for them.” 

The model spent the final few days before her two-step audition perfecting her workout routines as well as her beauty regimen. And in her recent Vogue video, the gorgeous model finally shares how she did her makeup for the auditions, a feat that got her the job. 

How Kelsey Merritt Perfected Her Makeup Skills To Become A VS Angel

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“I wanted to bring out my best qualities—not cover them up,” she shared.  

In the video, Merritt first demonstrates her skincare routine and then swiftly moves on to doing her makeup. 

The brunette stunner first massages a thick mixture of SPF and a light moisturiser onto her clean face. She then uses coconut oil, and lathers it all over her arms and neck stating “I love everything coconut.”

She then adds a bit of aloe vera gel (squeezed from her own aloe plant) and runs it through her gorgeous mane. Finally, its time for the lip balm to get that glistening and moisturising effect.  

Merritt's Makeup Routine Is One You Must Cop 

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Now that her skin is prepped, she begins by applying a liquid-based foundation that is slightly darker than her complexion. “I love looking bronzed and sun-kissed,” she says as she blends it using her hands. She is careful not to cover up her freckles (a'la Meghan Markle

“They’re my favourite part of my face,” she notes.

Merritt swiftly buffs a shimmer stick along her cheekbones, jaw and hairline and then to a concealer under here eyes. She also covers up she blemishes as she rightfully notes, That’s what makeup is for.” 

“And if you feel like light coverage won’t do, bring out your heavy-duty ones,” she adds.

The gorgeous Victoria's Secret model then adds a rosy blush, bronzer and highlighter without powdering her face. She then moves onto the eyes and adds a brown cream eyeshadow on top of her lids. She takes it a bit above her crease to enhance her hooded eyes.  

Moving on to her brows, Merritt brushes them up and adds, “I’ve been told by a lot of makeup artists that an Asian gene is for the eyebrows to go down." A quick curl of the lashes and a hydrating must later, Merritt is ready add a nude lipstick

She finishes her look with some additional glitter onto the lids and viola! There you have it. The natural makeup routine that got her the Victoria's Secret job and gives her a natural glow. 

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