Kelsey Merritt Skincare Routine Is One You Can Easily Cop

Kelsey Merritt Skincare Routine Is One You Can Easily CopKelsey Merritt Skincare Routine Is One You Can Easily Cop

Kelsey Merritt's skincare is actually pretty simple and one that you can easily replicate

If you've ever wondered about the now-famous Kelsey Merritt skincare, and how she looks so flawless all the time, this is it! The Filipino Victoria's Secret model recently shared her entire skincare routine with Harper's Bazaar for their 'Go To Bed With Me' series.

Her cleansing routine is surprisingly really simple, and one you can easily cop!

Merriitt credits her great skin to her makeup remover, specifically the Bioderma cleansing water. In the video, she shares that as she chooses to skip face wash, which has helped clear up her skin. To wipe off her makeup, Merritt soaks up reusable cotton pads with the cleansing water.

She adds that masking is her favourite part, as she showcases her multi-tasking ways with a clay mask and eye patches. These, she says, eliminate impurities and maintain skin hydration.

Scroll down to find out the rest of the now-famous Kelsey Merritt skincare routine and check out what she uses right before hitting the bed. 

Kelsey Merritt Skincare Is A Must Try if You Want Flawless Skin

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1. Use Micellar Water

First thing Merritt does is take off her makeup using the Bioderma Micellar Water. She shares that she learnt about the product and the way to use it from makeup artists and models who swear by this product.

After prepping her face, she then uses sustainable and eco-friendly Package Free Shop Organic Cotton Facial Rounds reusable pads. These, she shares could be put in the washer and dryer, making for an environment-friendly practice. Merritt then demonstrates this by applying a generous amount all over her face with one pad.

"Before, I would usually use micellar water or a makeup remover, and then a cleanser. But in my experience, I would always break out when I would use a cleanser," she shares.

Not using a cleanser has served her well, as her skin still cleared out.

"I asked a dermatologist about this and she said it is healthier for the skin's natural oils to come out. If you use a cleanser everyday, it just strips it off of that," Merritt clarifies.

2. Take Care Of Dental Hygiene 

Next, she brushes her teeth with Schmidt’s Wondermint Tooth+Mouth Paste, which has beneficial properties like being SLS free, fluoride free, and no artificial flavours. The model demonstrates with an up and down motion, rather than brushing sideways. She says, this movement was instructed by her dentist.

3. Invest In A Good Lip Balm And Eye Cream/Mask

For dry lips, Merritt uses a lip balm by Image Skincare Ronert MD Lip Enhancement, which has SPF 15. After taking off her makeup, she explains that she does not always put on a mask every day.

But if she feels her skin is in need of some care, she uses the KNC Beauty Retinol Infused Eye Mask, which is an all natural retinol infused eye mask.

4. Add Masking To Your Skincare Regimen

A great fan of masking, Merritt also follows up with the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask after the eye mask. As she travels a lot for work, it affects her skin and makes it very dehydrated.

To maintain her skin hydration, she leaves the mask on for a long time if her skin needs much love.

5. Use A Toner For The Face

Next, after washing her face, she uses a toner on her face. Since a toner can dry the skin, to boost more hydration, she switches between two toners, depending on what the skin needs.

The two different kinds of toner include the La Mer - The Treatment Lotion and La Mer - The Oil Absorbing Tonic. When Merritt's skin is feeling oily, she uses the oil absorbing tonic. But otherwise, in a typical Kelsey Merritt skincare regimen, the treatment lotion works great.

6. Top It Up With A Serum

Additionally, depending on skin needs, there are two serums she uses, namely the La Mer - The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum and La Mer - The Renewal Oil Skin. If the skin feels dry, just use the oil.

If not, use the hydrating serum on a normal day, she advises.

7. Use A Jade Roller To Prevent Sagging

In the video, Merritt says that since her skin felt oily and so she used the renewal oil, along with the Skin Gym Goldie Face Roller to relieve and relax tension in the muscles.

This, she says helps the skin to absorb the products more. The Victoria's Secret model then demonstrated the right way to apply it, as she used an upward motion from her chin and nose.

According to Merritt, this motion lifts the skin to "prevent sagging skin."

8. Moisturise The Skin

To further moisturise her skin, she uses La Mer - Moisturizing Cream, while using her soft, go-to Artis Elite Oval 8 Brush to massage it in.

"Not sure if using fingers make a difference, but this brush is great if I ever feel like some pampering," she shares.

9. Use Eye Concentrate 

Next in the Kelsey Merritt skincare is the eye cream.

The gorgeous model applies the La Mer - The Eye Concentrate, which (she says) should be gently dabbed on for application, as opposed to sweeping. Since she is breaking out on her forehead, Merritt then applies the Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot and Area Treatment.

Finally, she brushes her hair before going to bed using Mason Pearson Universal Nylon Brush to her her silky and smooth mane. "My mom always tells me to comb my hair, and so it has been instilled in me to always brush," Merritt tells the camera before signing off.

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