Happy Skin's Collab With Kathryn Bernardo Is All You Need For Perfect No-Makeup Makeup

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We're low-key obsessed.

We’ve been raring to get our hands on the Kathryn Bernardo and Happy Skin collaboration, and now that it’s here, we want the entire line.

Skin comes in a vast range of colours, but why is it that most cosmetics companies seem to only cater to lighter-skinned women? Even plenty of Asian cosmetics companies tend to lean toward lighter shades that aren’t exactly the most flattering on darker skin tones.

Enter Happy Skin, a Philippine-based cosmetics company whose products are designed specifically for Southeast Asians. This means flattering colours, formulas that won’t wreak havoc on your skin, and long-lasting pigments that hold up even in the tropical heat.

Recently, the makeup company collaborated with popular Filipina actress Kathryn Bernardo, and we were blown away. Happy Skin is known for its high-quality formulas, so we already knew that the products wouldn’t disappoint, but when we tried out the Kath x Happy Skin products at the official launch, the line exceeded our expectations.

Kathryn, who has darker skin, shared that she always had a hard time finding perfect makeup for her skin tone, which is why she worked extra hard to make her line accessible to all skin tones. “I’m very proud that this collaboration with Happy Skin is perfect for different skin tones, including morena [darker] girls,” she said.

“We’re so lucky to have partnered with Kathryn,” said Happy Skin cofounder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez. While some celebrities are content to simply have their name plastered on products and call it a day, Kathryn was hands-on throughout the whole conceptual process, from choosing the formulas and shades to even deciding on the packaging and shade names.

Plus, Kathryn’s pull is so strong that less than 8 hours after Happy Skin released a few thousand products before the official launch to test out the market, the products had completely sold out. “I expected a good reaction from the public, but not for it to sell out in just 8 hours!” Yuengtian-Gutierrez said. “We hadn’t even released the shades!”

Kath x Happy Skin: The Kathryn Bernardo and Happy Skin collaboration

L-R: Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint, Stay Fresh Weightless Pressed Powder, Perfect Brows Long-Lasting Liquid Pen, Extra Drama Volumizing Mascara, My Lips But Better Ultra Matte Lippie, Instant Glow Longwear Powder Blush

Kath x Happy Skin is the first line in Generation Happy Skin, which offers more dressed down versions of Happy Skin’s main products. Generation Happy Skin caters to the younger market, which is why Kathryn and Happy Skin worked extra hard to make sure that not a single product in the line would be priced above PHP499 (around S$13). Gotta love a queen who thinks of her fans’ wallets!

Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint

PHP299 or approximately S$7.50

This lip and cheek tint is highly pigmented and creates a natural watercolour finish. Kathryn recommends using just a little bit and blending for a more natural finish. Most lip and cheek tints in the market are pinks, reds, and peaches, but Kath x Happy Skin boasts tints in brown and wine red. Bold, eh? The tints come in four shades: Serene, Dainty, Fearless, and Prim.

Stay Fresh Weightless Pressed Powder

PHP499 or approximately S$13

This pressed powder was formulated to cover up imperfections while maintaining a natural finish. It comes in three shades: light Beige, Medium Beige, and Natural Beige. Kathryn wears the Medium Beige shade.


Perfect Brows Long-Lasting Liquid Pen

PHP399 or approximately S$10

This liquid pen comes in a universal brown colour and has a sweat-proof formula that holds up under the tropical sun, or even after a couple of hours in the gym. (This is my personal favourite from the line. — Editor)

Extra Drama Volumizing Mascara

PHP499 or approximately S$13

Kathryn is especially particular about her mascara, and it took three sample passes before she found a formula she loved. This mascara is perfect for dramatic, natural-looking lashes. It doesn’t clump, and it lasts a long time.

My Lips But Better Ultra Matte Lippie

PHP399 or approximately S$10

A long-lasting and hydrating matte lippie? Yes, it exists, and it comes in five shades: Spunk, Courage, Authenticity, Wonder, and Moxie. Kathryn’s especially fond of peachy-pink Spunk.

Instant Glow Longwear Powder Blush

PHP399 or approximately S$10

This blendable, radiant blush lasts the entire day, giving you that glowy, gorgeous look. It comes in two colours: Freedom and Love.

Happy Skin delivers to almost anywhere in the world. Order from Kathryn Bernardo and Happy Skin’s collab on the Happy Skin website.

(All images courtesy of Happy Skin)