John Legend's New Song With K-Pop Star Wendy Is Fashionably On Point  

John Legend's New Song With K-Pop Star Wendy Is Fashionably On Point  John Legend's New Song With K-Pop Star Wendy Is Fashionably On Point  

As a young girl who grew up listening to John Legend songs, K-pop star Wendy (of Red Velvet) could have never imagined that one day she'll get the opportunity to star along her idol. But as it turns out, some dreams do come true and hers just materialised.  

In what can only be described a K-pop coup, Wendy has been cast in John Legend's new song titled “Written in the Stars." The duet that is slated to an October 19 release, will see the two mega stars come together in a single frame. 

Wendy Cast In John Legend's New Song, Says Its Dream Come True

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While sharing her experience of working with Legend, Wendy told Vogue, “I couldn’t believe it."

“I just couldn’t believe it that I would be working with an artist that I had always listened to growing up. It still feels unreal that a song will be released with both my voice and his together,” said the 24-year-old sensation. 

She added that she was very nervous around the 'cool and calm' Legend, but she held her emotions in.

I was so nervous, I felt like my heart stopped and I couldn’t speak—I just kept stuttering,” she recalled.

“There is a scene where John and I sat facing each other, just staring into each other’s eyes while sitting in a rickety train that had flickering lights. I felt so embarrassed and awkward, so my eyes kept shaking and I almost laughed . . . but I held it in!” she added.  

The 24-year-old who is a huge star in South East Asia, flew to Los Angeles last month for the shoot. In the BTS shots that are now doing the rounds of the Internet, one can see that the two singers shot the music video at Palmdale, which is surrounded by desert. 

While fans are super excited to see this collaboration, what's caught their attention the most is the fashion forward video itself. 

John Legend's New Song Is Fashionably On Point  

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In the BTS shots that were released leaked on the Internet, the two are seen bringing the 40s and 50s style back.

You can see Hollywood's golden age through the clothes of the two characters who are shown as two star-crossed lovers who have a meet cute on a train. 

The two are seen in clothes that are clearly reinventing fashion's most romantic era. While Wendy is seen in polka dotted chiffon dresses and pearls, Legend is seen in houndstooth turtle neck jumpers.  

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As we eagerly await the release of this collab, we can't help wanting to replicate Wendy's gorgeous vintage style. If you are a sucker for everything 40s too, we have some capsule wardrobe ideas for you. 

5 Items You Need To Recreate A 40s Fashion Wardrobe 

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The 40s Western style was classic, comfortable, feminine and yet powerful and individualistic. The flowy chiffon dresses, polka dots, bandanas, hats, gloves and block heels made that era look super chic.

And if you're inspired by it, here's are a few ways you can recreate a 40s fashion wardrobe too. 

  1. Prints. Get a few staple prints like polka dots (in variable sizes) and florals. You can get shirt-collared knee-length dresses in these prints and pair them with gloves or hats or fascinators if you're up for it. Meghan Markle sure is!   
  2. Shoulder pads. Most dresses and tops at the time (during the World Wars) had shoulder pads since women took up the roles of breadwinners as their men went out to fight the wars. Lucky for you, shoulder pads are back in fashion. 
  3. High-waisted bottoms. Its as if all the vintage and retro styles are coming back because this style is also in vogue. You nay have spotted fashion influencers donning this style during the Paris, London, Milan and New York
  4. Oxfords. The oxfords have made a huge comeback as well, thanks to gender-fluidity on the runways. The trend has trickled down to high street and now into our closets. 
  5. Clothing accessories. The clothing accessories you will need to recreate a 40s fashion wardrobe include belts, hats, gloves and head scarves and turbans. 

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