Jessy Mendiola Defends Herself Against Allegations Of Her "Stealing" Luis Manzano From Angel Locsin

Jessy Mendiola Defends Herself Against Allegations Of Her "Stealing" Luis Manzano From Angel LocsinJessy Mendiola Defends Herself Against Allegations Of Her "Stealing" Luis Manzano From Angel Locsin

"Why would I admit to something I didn't do?"

It's been three years since Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin called it quits, but Jessy Mendiola, Luis' current girlfriend, is still being hounded with allegations of "stealing" Luis away. Luis and Jessy have already addressed the issue several times, saying that it wasn't true. But last weekend, Jessy had to speak up about the issue once more. Scroll on to read more about the Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin issue.

One of Jessy's followers brought up the issue on one of her Instagram posts, asking her to admit to "stealing" Luis from Angel. The Instagram post was an excerpt from one of Jessy's vlogs that addressed negative comments on her social media.

Jessy's follower wrote (in Taglish):

"Maybe your bashers want you to admit that you stole Luis from Angel before they finally leave you alone. Some people aren't satisfied with those kinds of responses to their allegations. You just need to give one meaningful answer and it's up to them to believe you or not, but in the end they'll keep quiet because they'll finally have closure."

And this is how Jessy responded (also in Taglish):

"Why would I admit to something I didn't do? My bashers don't know what really happened. Why would I admit to anything just to make them stop? Just so they'll leave me alone? Bashers won't listen to you, no matter what you say. I've addressed the issue in interviews so many times before, but did they believe me? No. It's all up to God now, he sees everything... Let go of the issue. We're all happy."

Here is the exchange:

Jessy Mendiola Defends Herself Against Allegations Of Her Stealing Luis Manzano From Angel Locsin

Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano: A Brief History

Luis and Angel started dating in July 2007, but broke up two years later. They both dated other people, with Angel dating footballer Phil Younghusband and Luis dating actress Jennylyn Mercado. They both ended their relationships in 2013, and got back to gether in 2014 before separating once more in 2016.

Funnily enough, when Luis ended his relationships with Jennylyn Mercado, Angel was accused of causing the breakup, similar to how people have been pointing fingers at Jessy.)

Angel hasn't said anything concrete about Jessy "stealing" Luis, but in 2016, fresh from their breakup, Angel said, "Nandoon na sila sa ganoong buhay. Kung ini-enjoy nila yung moment na yun, e, di good job! Wala akong magandang masabi, so hindi nalang ako magsasalita. [They're living their lives. If they're enjoying themselves, then good job! I don't have anything good to say, so I won't say anything.]"

In 2018, while promoting her movie The Girl in the Orange Dress, Jessy admitted that going public with her relationship with Luis hurt her career. "Nanamlay ang career ko dahil mas pinili ko yung puso ko. [My career slowed down because I chose to follow my heart.]"

Angel Locsin has been dating film producer Nick Arce since 2017.

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