Here's Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence's New Fiancé

Here's Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence's New FiancéHere's Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence's New Fiancé

Surprise, surprise! J.Law is engaged!

Surprise, surprise! Jennifer Lawrence, 28, is engaged to Cooke Maroney, 33! Here's everything you need to know about the Jennifer Lawrence husband-to-be.

Cooke Maroney: Everything We Know About The Jennifer Lawrence Husband-To-Be

1. He's a respected name in the New York art scene.

Unlike JLaw's recent exes (e.g. director Darren Aronofsky, actor Nicholas Hoult, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin), Cooke isn't a household name. However, he is a respected name in the New York art scene, as he works as a director at an upscale art gallery at the Upper East Side. Cooke reportedly reps big name clients, like Lena Dunham's dad (Carrol Dunham), Anish Kapoor, and Matthew Barney, aka Bjork's ex.

“He’s definitely respected. He’s not a big player, but he’s a player,” a source told The Cut. “I’d say he understands what good art is, as opposed to a lot of art dealers who just like to go to parties and do deals.”

2. Cooke studied at New York University.

He took up art history and economics, and graduated in 2007.

3. He and J.Law were introduced by a mutual friend.

J.Law's BFF Laura Simpson introduced the two of them in May 2018, and the pair hit it off right away.

4. He's cool with J.Law's exes.

Cooke and J.Law were recently seen at the premiere of Nicholas Hoult's movie The Favourite. (Also spotted in the event was Darren Aronofsky — how does JLaw stay friends with her exes?)

5. Cooke is tall.

Jennifer is 5'9", so based on their photos together, he's well above 6 feet tall.

6. He knows how to party.

Maroney goes to a lot of parties, which comes with the art world territory, really.

“He’s definitely fun-loving but I wouldn’t say he’s out of control,” a source told The Cut. ”He likes to have fun, a young good new York guy who likes to participate and have fun. When we would hang out we would definitely drink, we would have fun.”

7. He seems like a good guy!

People describe Cooke as a "great dude" and a "nice guy", so it's good to know that J.Law is in good hands.

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(Featured photo: @people on Instagram)

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