Goodbye, JenKai: Blackpink's Jennie And EXO's Kai Have Broken Up

Goodbye, JenKai: Blackpink's Jennie And EXO's Kai Have Broken UpGoodbye, JenKai: Blackpink's Jennie And EXO's Kai Have Broken Up

Why, JenKai, why??

Just earlier this month, BlackPink's Jennie and EXO's Kai confirmed that they were dating, after months of speculation. But it looks like Jenkai is no more. Scroll down to read more about the Jennie and Kai break up.

Jennie and Kai: A Brief Romantic History

The two had been dating since October 2018, and Jennie made the K-pop rumour mill go cray after posting a photo of herself in front of the Eiffel Tower, captioning her post: "Had the most romantic dinner admiring the Eiffel Tower."

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On January 1, Dispatch published paparazzi photos of the two idols on a romantic night-time date in Seoul:

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SM Entertainment, EXO's agency, confirmed the news, saying: "Kai and Jennie have become fond of each other."

Jennie and Kai Break Up: Going Solo

BlackPink's agency YG Entertainment didn't respond right away, but later gave the short statement: "We take the same position as SM.”

The K-pop industry has been notorious for allegedly banning its idols from dating, so this seemingly nonchalant acceptance from both talent agencies was refreshing and exciting.

However, on January 25, SM Entertainment confirmed the Jennie and Kai break up, saying: “It is true that Kai and Jennie have recently parted ways." 

“Kai and Jennie will do their best in their respective fields," reported SBS funE. "They’ve agreed to support each other.”

Fans React to the Jennie and Kai break up

This Jennie and Kai news bums us out, and judging from the reaction on social media, we're not alone.

"Jennie please stay strong and remember you are not alone," one fan wrote on her Instagram. "We love u so much, we are here for u..."

Plenty of JenKai stans are hoping they didn't break up for the fans. 

As this breakup happened not even a month after the two went public, many are speculating that the pressure from Jennie and Kai's fandoms was too much for their relationship.

"Jenkai ended because they wanted their fans to be happy," one Instagram commenter wrote. "She chose us and the members over something which could've made her happy. I hope all those people who called her selfish can rot in their graves. Anyways I know my girl right here is one of the strongest woman ever. She will handle herself very well. I'm really sad but at the end I'm still gonna support Jennie's decision because it's her life. I hope she finds happiness soon."

Some fans noticed Red Velvet's Irene hugging Jennie at the Gaon Chart Music Awards — could she have known then?

Others simply remarked on how post-breakup Jennie looks flawless as ever.

Jennie and Kai have been very private throughout their short-lived relationship, and that probably won't change after this breakup. We, along with their millions of fans, hope they're both doing well.

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