WATCH: The Internet Is Shocked Over This Video Of Jason Momoa Allegedly Molesting A Young Girl

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How true are these allegations?

A shocking video of Jason Momoa has been circulating around social media, allegedly capturing Jason Momoa molesting a young girl.

In the incriminating Jason Momoa molesting video, the Aquaman star is seen groping and fondling a young girl's chest area. She then pushes his hand away, looking disgusted.

Here's what we think about the Jason Momoa molesting allegations

The first time I watched the video, my jaw dropped to the floor and I almost had a heart attack. But then I took a step back from my screen and after watching the video multiple times (and scrolling through reaction threads), it became pretty clear that the video was yet another product of the internet spin machine, eager to tear down a man's reputation for clout.

Internet, you have disappointed us.

The girl in the video is his daughter, 11-year-old Lola Iolani Momoa

The video was taken at the Hawaii premiere of Aquaman

Some of the circulating videos claim that the footage was taken on a movie set, but it was actually taken from the Hawaii premiere of Aquaman.

The video below shows Momoa getting emotional from the powerful hula performance celebrating the movie, his two kids at either side. He seems to be holding onto his children for comfort. Note that he also rubs his son's torso, and that his hand looks like it's rubbing his daughter's abdomen, not her chest.

Lola also looks like she takes his arm off her to ask him a question, not out of disgust or anger. 

Watch the original video here:

It's disheartening to see people taking a beautiful, emotional moment of a family and twisting it to get clicks and likes. And it's disappointing to see so many people quickly vilifying Momoa without even trying to understand what was going on — it only takes a quick Google search to put the pieces together. I've seen some seemingly internet-savvy people condemning Momoa, so maybe we've just become too keen to cancel celebrities.

Moral of the story? Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

Here's how to spot fake stories, as detailed by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions:

  • Check the source. Does it seem credible?
  • Read beyond the headlines. Websites need to have attention-grabbing headlines to get readers to click on their stories. Read the entire thing to understand the whole story, instead of just reacting to the title and spreading more confusion.
  • Check the author. Does the author seem to know what they're talking about? And are they real?
  • Is it satire? If a story seems completely ridiculous, that might be because it's supposed to be a joke. Click around the website to see if it's a satire site.
  • Check your biases. Are you jumping on a story without verifying its facts because it supports your own biases?
  • Ask an expert. You could consult with an established, trusted site to verify facts, or ask someone with an expertise in the subject matter.

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