Check In With The Stars: Your January 2019 Horoscope

Check In With The Stars: Your January 2019 HoroscopeCheck In With The Stars: Your January 2019 Horoscope

What the stars have in store for you in your January horoscope.

Bid a final farewell to all the emotional shakeups you’ve been experiencing over the last couple of years. 2019 ushers in the stability that everyone’s been looking for after so many tumultuous changes. As Jupiter floats through Sagittarius this month, we’re able to see the world from a bird’s eye view. What does that mean? We won’t be zooming in on all the tiny, annoying details that have been messing us up. Finally, we find space to breathe and find optimism again.


Everyone does goal setting at the start of the year, NBD. But with the Sun and Saturn coming into alignment on January 2nd, you get a boost of laser-like precision when it comes to focus and career goals. There’s a Venus-Mars trine on January 18th, make room for some red hot romance.

Style tip: Get yourself some glasses. Prescription or not, they’ll smarten up your look.


The Venus and Jupiter combo happening on January 22ndis encouraging you to break out of your love comfort zone and get a little experimental with your partner *wink, wink*. As the Uranus retrograde ends on January 6th, you’re asked to forgive and let go of that grudge you’ve been holding on to forever.

Style tip: Bare a part of your body you’ve been covering up. Be proud of the skin you’re in!


Throw out the past with the bathwater, Gemini. In the Capricorn New Moon on January 5th, it’ll be time for you to give yourself the clean slate you’ve been craving. When Mercury is in Capricorn from January 4thto 25th, it’s time to get serious with money matters and call up that friend who’s been pestering you about investments.

Style tip: Rack up some romance in your life by wearing some beautiful blush tones.


When Mercury and Saturn get together on January 13th, it’ll be time for you to finally launch that talk you’ve been holding off on with your honey. Get those feelings out in the open, Cancer. You’ll feel better. Speaking of conversations, tame that cheeky little gossip inside you when Mercury Mars square happens on January 8th.

Style tip: Switch out of those heels and get yourself some comfy sneaks instead.


The end of the month is going to get exciting as you meet a potential love interest who can turn on the charm with some super witty and intellectual banter. Mercury in Aquarius says go forth and flirt. Put on your mentor hat on when the Sun and Pluto meet up on January 11th, someone could use your help at work.

Style tip: Ditch the flowy pieces and go tailored this season with a blazer and cigarette pants.


As the Sun and Saturn meet up on January 2nd, you’ll be feeling some glass-half-empty about your romance sector. Give yourself a pep talk—instead of being pessimistic, try to look at the situation with an untainted perspective. Shift your focus to career instead. Think of this season as a time to rebrand yourself into a totally new you.

Style tip: Update your closet, you look like you’re still living in 2018.


If you’ve been experiencing some conflicts with your significant other (they may have started since Uranus retrograde in November), you can relax and know that things will be going back to normal. That said, you’ve got to keep your headlights on. Things need to change so they don’t go rocky again.

Style tip: Slip into something sleek and sexy—show off that figure!


Let’s get real. Your biggest turn-on right now is someone who can give you the stability you crave, not the drama you’re used to. With Venus in Sagittarius from January 7thto February 3rd, turn your spidey senses on to find that serious + steady mate. In terms of career, loosen the reins. Stop trying to control everything.

Style tip: When was the last time you got yourself some jewellery? Feels like it’s time for you to ice yourself.


Some regrets may be hanging over your head in the love or family department (especially if you’re married or in a serious partnership) with the Jupiter-Neptune square on January 13th. Disassociate yourself from some savoury characters, no matter how tough it may be. On the career front, know that you can’t win every fight.

Style tip: Calm your nerves during this stressful time by shifting your ensembles into cool blues and seafoam greens.


With Mercury-Uranus trine on January 4th, you’ll be out of your element and letting your lips do the talking (and revealing of feelings you’ve been harbouring for someone for a while). A little spontaneity never hurt anyone, Capricorn. With Mercury in Aquarius on January 24th, it’ll be time to open a new page on your planner and get goal setting.

Style tip: Your make or break outfit this month involves some romantic draping and lots of length.


A certain friendship you’ve been keeping may cross over into romance with the Venus-Mars trine on January 18th. Be careful about crossing lines. January 4thmay be the start of the weekend but the Mercury-Uranus trine suggests putting in overtime because collabs at work will be highly successful.

Style tip: Glam up your lips with some heavy duty gloss.

Check In With The Stars: Your January 2019 Horoscope

If you’ve been putting off solving a work problem over the last couple of months, Mercury-Uranus trine on January 4thsuggests you put pedal to the metal and go at it—you’ll get to the bottom of things sooner rather than later. Love-wise, look forward to a Venus and Jupiter combo on January 22ndand plan a special date with your partner.

Style tip: Get yourself a fun pair of PJs (or lingerie). It’ll be fun to turn up the style factor even in sleepwear!

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