We Found Out Why Jade Rollers Are All The Rage Among A-Listers!

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Are jade rollers really effective and would you consider adding it to your daily skincare routine?

After a simple ancient Chinese beauty tool known as a “jade roller” blew up on Instagram, everyone was left scrambling to know more about jade roller benefits and uses.

With the likes of beauty super-influencer Marianna Hewitt, and A-list celebrities like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr on board raving about them, it’s no wonder why now everyone wants one.

What Is The Jade Roller And Where Did It Come From?


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According to Vogue, this ancient beauty tool has been an integral part of Chinese beauty regimes since at least the 7th century.

Maria Tallarico at The Strategist explains that long ago, jade rollers were used by empresses and members of high society in China. In fact, some museums in China even showcase jade face rollers dating back centuries.

This is quite intriguing because we normally see jade as a decorative stone and never think about jade roller benefits and uses as a beauty tool. 

The jade roller generally features a larger stone for the cheeks, jaw and forehead area, whereas the smaller stone is used under the eyes and around the mouth. Users apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool from the centre of their face in upward and outward motions.

What Are The Jade Roller Benefits And Uses?

Some of the jade roller benefits and uses include cooling, tightening, and depuffing the face in seconds. It also help re-sculpt your face, boosts circulation and improves elasticity. 

When used frequently, the jade roller encourages lymphatic drainage and helps the face to detox naturally by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin.

Ross J Barr, a practicing acupuncturist at Wimpole Therapeutics and the Harrods Wellness Clinic, told Cosmo that jade is really good for evening skin tone as well as cooling and calming the skin.

But that isn’t all! The super smooth jade roller allows you apply pressure to muscles and tissues on your face which actually provides a more effective manual massage than just your hands alone. And the best part of it is that it’s completely safe to use. 

How Much Does A Jade Roller Cost? 


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Aside from jade roller benefits and uses, it is also incredibly low priced which makes for an attractive buy.

The low price point and ease of use are just two of the qualities that seem to be attracting millennial beauty consumers like Hewitt’s followers to join the jade roller bandwagon. And we can see why!

Aside from its value for money and almost instant beauty results, jade rollers are really pretty and are oh-so Instagrammable! 

How To Use The Jade Roller?

jade roller benefits and uses

Jade roller benefits and uses can be further enhanced when used together with facial oil at the end of a long tiring day for a spa like experience. Picture source: Marneofficial

Always use the roller on a clean face, as you don’t want to rub any dirt or makeup deeper into your skin. So, cleanse, then use the roller, then apply your eye products, serums and moisturisers.

Adding a little facial oil before rolling is a great idea too, although you will have to rinse off the excess oils as well as the roller after use.

Be sure to maximise jade roller benefits and uses by rolling it back and forth, up and down and out to the sides.

Use more upwards motion to improve facial contours and don’t forget the neck area as well. Start from the centre of your neck, moving outwards and upwards along the planes of the face before finishing at the hairline.

However, when draining your face, make sure to reverse the movements pushing downwards to help fluids drain down into the neck and into the lymphatic ducts as well. 

3 Best Jade Rollers To Consider

  • Vococal shop on Lazada. Cost: SGD2.91. Click here for further details.
  • ALTCOS. Cost: SGD 30 with free shipping above SGD35. Click here for more details.
  • Julisa Australia (They ship to Singapore!). Cost: AUD45. They did not have jade rollers but had a wide of range of facial rollers in other stones. Click here for further details.

Set aside a few minutes from your busy day to give this trending beauty tool a go and we promise your skin will thank you later! 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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