Shawn Mendes Hates That He Feels Pressured To "Prove" He's Not Gay

Shawn Mendes Hates That He Feels Pressured To "Prove" He's Not GayShawn Mendes Hates That He Feels Pressured To "Prove" He's Not Gay

The question of his sexuality has been giving the pop star anxiety.

Is Shawn Mendes gay? It's a question the internet has been speculating over for quite some time now, but in a recent Rolling Stone article, the 20-year-old pop star addressed the rumours, saying that he's straight — and he hates that he has to prove that he's straight.

“I’d like to say I don’t care about it, but that’s not true,” he said. “This massive, massive thing for the last five years about me being gay.”

The topic of his sexuality has become a meme, with strangers on the internet scrutinising his every little move, looking for clues that point towards homosexuality. They'd pick apart the way he talked to his body language.

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“In the back of my heart, I feel like I need to go be seen with someone — like a girl — in public, to prove to people that I’m not gay,” he says. “Even though in my heart I know that it’s not a bad thing. There’s still a piece of me that thinks that. And I hate that side of me.”

He addressed the rumours on Snapchat after reading some of the comments on YouTube about his sexuality. The question "is Shawn Mendes gay" was getting to him, and he wanted to set things straight.

“I thought, ‘You fucking guys are so lucky I’m not actually gay and terrified of coming out,’ ” he said. “That’s something that kills people. That’s how sensitive it is. Do you like the songs? Do you like me? Who cares if I’m gay?”

Unfortunately, the Snapchat video did the opposite of what Shawn intended — instead of quieting the rumours, it made people talk more.

Is Shawn Mendes Gay?

PSA: Just because a guy is feminine doesn't mean he's sexually interested in men.

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Taylor Swift recently posted a video of her putting glittery eyeshadow on Shawn backstage at her Reputation tour. She had asked permission to post it, and Mendes told her it was fine, but later regretted it.

“I felt sick,” he said. “I was like, ‘Fuck, why did I let her post that?’ I just fed the fire that I’m terrified of.”

Shawn says that he grew up with 15 female cousins, and that "braiding hair and painting nails" was just the norm for him. "Maybe I am a little more feminine — but that’s the way it is. That’s why I am me."

This honest and vulnerable interview just goes to show that we shouldn't go around assuming other people's sexuality, or pressure so-called "closeted" people to come out. At the end of the day, it's none of our business.

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