Brooklyn Beckham Makes Instagram Private After Angering Netizens With "Racist" Post

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Well, this doesn't look good.

19-year-old model-slash-photographer Brooklyn Beckham is no stranger to controversy. The eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham got some flak last year for getting a native American portrait tattooed on his arm. Also last year, he received backlash for posing with a gun, with critics saying that it romanticised gun violence. But is Brooklyn Beckham racist?

And now, Brooklyn is in hot water once again, this time for posting images with "racist" connotations. While on holiday in Venice, Italy, he posted two photos of Asian tourists — one group in a gondola, and a lone Asian woman in a supermarket — with the caption: "No place like Italy innit."

This post angered Chinese netizens, prompting him to make his Instagram private. Most of the outrage took place on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, but he has also drawn some attention on Twitter.

Meanwhile, his fans were quick to defend him, saying that there wasn't anything wrong with the post. They were just innocent travel snaps! We're reading too much into it!

Is Brooklyn Beckham racist?

Now, the intention behind his Instagram post might not have been racist, but that doesn't make them not racist. One could think that perhaps he was simply exasperated because Venice was more of a tourist trap than he thought. But by singling out Asian tourists and posting photos of them with a sarcastic, exasperated caption, Brooklyn — who is very much not Italian —  shows that he thinks he has more right to be a tourist in Italy because he's white.

Some of his defenders say that they look at the photos and simply see a group of women in a gondola or a woman in the supermarket (translation: "I don't see colour"), and that the social justice warriors are just out for blood. But just because you think race is simply a racial construct doesn't mean that it doesn't have very real effects on people's lives. Racism still very much exists, and people who think otherwise are very fortunate, very privileged, and also probably very willfully ignorant.

So anyway. Back to Brooklyn. He still hasn't apologised. Instead of coming forward and acknowledging his missteps, he's simply shut the public out.

We're hoping that Brooklyn will speak up about this and try to do better next time, but for the meantime, we'll be enjoying the sassy tweets.

What do you think? Is Brooklyn Beckham racist?