9 Things Introverts Definitely Need In Order To Be Happy

9 Things Introverts Definitely Need In Order To Be Happy

There are many introvert characteristics that make them want different things in life to be happy, as compared to the extroverts

If you're an introvert, you know that socialising is not your strongest suit. While your extrovert friends love to go our and mingle with strangers, your introvert characteristics force you to think of this sort of engagement as scary. So much so that you avoid it as much as possible. 

But it's not something you can change completely. Because believe it or not, being an introvert is in your DNA. Yes, you read that right!

Research has proved that your introvert characteristics are genetic and that you cannot change them. Unlike the extroverts, you have several chemicals that do not need you to be stimulated at all times. You are sensitive to 'feel good' hormone dopamine and do not get 'high' on socialising.

But this is just the one thing that differentiates introverts from extroverts. There are many introvert characteristics that make them want different things in life to be happy, as compared to the extroverts. 

9 Introvert Characteristics That You Didn't Know About 

1. A quiet space that's only yours 

Introverts love their quiet space without interruptions and noise. A room or a place where they can just be left alone with their thoughts and a room that they have full control over is an ideal place for introverts. This quietness usually brings our the best in them, and also allows them to introspect. It's almost meditative and re-energising for an introvert to be by herself. 

2. Time to think 

At a time of emergency, don't expect an introvert to blurt out sentences and come up with a solution. They need their time. It's a quality and a a curse, both. As much as they articulate well when they think things over, without articulation stringing a sentence might also seem like an arduous task for an introvert. Extroverts might not have this issue, but introverts always like to think before they speak. 

3. A meaningful conversation 

Who doesn't like a meaningful conversation? An introvert sure does! They like to deep dive into issues that really matter or add value. And that doesn't mean that introverts cannot be good at small talk. We have all learnt this skill over the years. But it's something that introverts loathe. Most of them crave deep diving into meaningful conversations. 

4. Compatible silences  

As much as an introvert loves her own alone time, she also craves for a partner that wants the same things. She also loves to enjoy company that sits with her, but lets her by by herself, without trying to fill the silences in the room. An introvert craves companion silence that allows them to digest ideas and be themselves. 

5. Time to enjoy hobbies and interests

This might be a common thread between extroverts and introverts, but who doesn't want to catch up on their hobbies and interests! Introverts love to spend time by themselves, and indulge in activities that make them happy. Indulging in our hobbies, energises us. This is a process that most introverts enjoy thoroughly. 

6. Independence in everything 

An introvert might seem to be in her own world and not quite ready to chat up everybody, but she sure does love her independence. She loves her freedom and fiercely fights for it. When you are free with your thoughts, you are more capable of performing to the best of your capabilities. Similarly one of the introvert characteristics are her innate need for freedom which allows you to be self-directed and more focussed.  

7. Friends and loved ones 

Just like everybody, introverts also love their unique and small circle of close friends and loved ones. It doesn't matter how small that group is, what matters is how much love they share. These people accept you as you are, inspite of your quirks and craziness and love you no matter how may be. Such close knit group is what introverts thrive on and bring out the best in themselves when they're around this circle.

8. Considerable time to unwind

If you can get an introvert to get out of her comfort zone and into a party, you'll also have to give her time to unwind. Yup! An introvert needs a little time to sit back and relax and get ready for the next rave. This downtime allows them to fully comprehend what just happened and even feel physically and mentally well rested.  

9. People who get that you want to 'stay in' 

For introverts, socialising is about having a loyal set of friends who they rely upon, just like everybody else. But they also appreciate those who know they don't love to 'people.' Having friends who get your quirks and appreciate that you cannot be pulled out to socialise is important as well. 

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Deepshikha Punj