WATCH: Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Gets Real About Beauty Pageants And Shooting Your Shot

WATCH: Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Gets Real About Beauty Pageants And Shooting Your Shot

Now that her reign is over, what has life been like to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach? Miss Universe 2015 spills the beans about her current projects and why continuing her legacy is so important to her.

It's hard to imagine that someone like Pia Wurtzbach was once upon a time an awkward teenager, but that's exactly what she claims to have been when she was younger. "Just look at my old photos," she tells us during our interview. "You wouldn't be able to imagine that that girl would one day become Miss Universe!"

Almost four years after her dramatic coronation as Miss Universe 2015, Pia shows no signs of slowing down. From advocacy work to modeling to TV show hosting, her schedule is ever packed, yet she still managed to squeeze in some time for a quick Q&A with HerStyleAsia.

Some highlights from our interview with Pia Wurtzbach:

On choosing HIV awareness as her main advocacy

"When I was Bb Pilipinas, not Miss Universe yet, we would do a lot of visits, feeding programs, giving away school supplies, visiting hospitals. And one of the most interesting visits that we did before was when we were asked to visit some people living with HIV. I already felt some uncomfortable feeling in the room when we were all told that we were gonna visit them. I mean, I was fine with it, but I just felt like, why don’t we seem happy anymore? Why aren’t we excited? And then I started asking more questions about it and I felt like there really is a lot of stigma about it. So I was thinking to myself, this has to change."

On her dream destination

"You know most people wouldn’t believe this, but I really wanna visit Colombia. I really do. And I requested Pia’s Postcards for this, can we go visit, can we see what it’s like, I’m curious, you know?"

On how excited she is to see her finished Madame Tussauds wax figure

"You only really see yourself in the mirror or in pictures, but never in 3D right in front of you. So it’ll be really interesting for me to walk up to Pia and go, oh so that’s what I look like! You know? Seeing all the angles, like wow. That’s gonna be really interesting."

Watch the entire Q&A here:

(Interview shot at Empire Studios)