Got A Good Eye? These Hotels Will PAY You To Take Instagram Photos For Their Guests

Got A Good Eye? These Hotels Will PAY You To Take Instagram Photos For Their GuestsGot A Good Eye? These Hotels Will PAY You To Take Instagram Photos For Their Guests

Give your Instagram boyfriend a break. You won't be needing him if you're staying in one of these hotels.

Social media has taken over our lives so much that we can't completely disconnect from the world when we're on vacation. Instead of sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the holiday, we're taking hundreds of photos and spending up to hours picking the perfect filter for that Instagram post. A hotel chain in Switzerland has found the perfect solution for this — hiring an Instagram sitter or two (or 15) to manage their guests' social media pages.

This new service will let guests simply live in the moment instead of seeing life pass by through their phones.

Ibis Hotels in Geneva and Zurich now has an "Instagram sitter" service that promises to let you enjoy your vacation "without digital stress." Called "Relax We Post", the service lets guests enjoy the city without having to worry about getting the perfect picture.

About the Instagram Sitter Service

The hotel chain has recruited around 15 influencers to take on their guests' social media profiles. And because they're seasoned influencers themselves, some of them with tens of thousands of followers, you'll be in good hands.

The Instagram sitter will manage the guest's Instagram page for a weekend, posting photos, videos, and Instagram stories. The sitter can also comment and interact with the guest's followers. To make sure that the published posts are in line with what the guest wants, the guest can correspond with the Instagram sitter prior to her visit.

Not only will the guest get killer social media posts, she'll also benefit from the Instagram sitters' knowledge of destinations — so you'll also be getting a tour guide!

Accor Hotels, Ibis' parent company, advertised the service with his clever ad.

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 For its test run, Relax We Post is only available from November 3 to December 2 in 17 Ibis Hotels in Zurich and Geneva.

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