Instagram Hacks 2018: What You Must Know To Get More Followers

Instagram Hacks 2018: What You Must Know To Get More Followers

Most users have not been unable to crack the code of Instagram hacks 2018 that could potentially grow your handle by millions. But we can help you.

Do you spend most of your time trying to grow your Instagram following and yet its still the same? Well, worry not. You are not alone. Most users have not been unable to crack the code of Instagram hacks 2018 that could potentially grow your handle by millions. 

There are simple tricks that most people either ignore or do not know. But we are here to help you understand each of these hacks, so you can increase your following and push your content to a larger audience.  

7 Instagram Hacks 2018 Has To Offer 

By using these hacks, you not only make your handle more appealing to your audience, you also increase your chances of being seen. 

1. Rearrange your Instagram filters 

You can place your most-used filters (that define the look and feel of your handle), right at the top. 

  • When you post a picture, open Filter.
  • Scroll down to the end of the filters and then click Manage.
  • Now, press and hold the three line icon which is next to each filter. You will be able to see them on the left-hand side of the screen. Rearrange the order of filters.
  • Next step is to check or uncheck the circles that are next to each filter. You will be able to spot them on the right-hand side of your screen and hide or unhide filters.
  • Click Done in order to save your new settings.

2. Add and manage multiple accounts

As an aspiring influencer you may have opened several accounts for various reasons. But you'll also need to learn to manage all of them efficiently. 

  • Click on your picture at the bottom right of your page to open your own profile. 
  • Now, go to your Settings bar. It'll reflect as the three dots on the top right corner if you are an Android user and as the gear sign if you are an iOS user.
  • Scroll down to see the Add Account detail if you wish to add any more.
  • Choose your username and password, add a profile picture and save the details and .
  • To switch between your various accounts, go to your profile page and tap your username. 
  • You will notice a drop down arrow. Select the account you wish to check out and click on the name. 
  • Instagram allows you add upto five accounts. 

3. Pin your Instagram post onto Pinterest 

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Some of you may want to share your images on Pinterest, which most definitely will get you more followers. And this one of the neatest Instagram hacks 2018 millennial influencers should use.   

  • Open the post you'd like to pin to Pinterest.
  • Tap on the three dots that you'll see on the right-hand corner of your post.
  • Click on Copy Share URL and copy the link onto your clipboard.
  • Now, open your Pinterest account and go to your profile page.
  • Tap on the '+' icon on the right hand corner of the page to add a new pin.
  • When the 'add a board' pop up comes, select Copied link
  • Pinterest will automatically open the link onto your new clipboard. 
  • Choose and image and post. You're done! 

4. Filter or block any comment based on Keywords 

Once you open your profile to public, either develop a thick skin or learn to deal with a troll. Either way, if you know how to filter unsavoury comments you might enjoy Instagram more. 

  • Open you profile page and tap the gear icon (for iOS users and three dots for Android users).
  • Click on Comment Control and switch on Hide Offensive Comments
  • This feature reports comments and keywords that are considered offensive by Instagram.
  • You can even add Keywords that you feel are offensive or hurtful. 

5. Organise Instagram posts 

You can turn your Instagram page into a Pinterest account, almost. If there are inspirational quotes or images that you love and want to save in folders, you can do that on Instagram too. And use them later to increase engagement on your page. 

  • Open the post you wish to organise in a folder and tap on the bookmark icon (bottom right hand corner of the post). 
  • Now, tap on the '+' icon to create a new folder, give it a name and save the post on there. 
  • To see your folders open the bookmark icon on your profile (it is next to the Photos of You tab) and go directly to Saved tab.   
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6. Remove old posts without permanently deleting them

You've created a whole new following now, but you don't want them to see your older images that don't go with your current Instagram aesthetics. And thanks to Instagram's latest archive feature, you can now do this easily. 

  • Open the post you wish to archive and tap on the three dots on the right hand corner.
  • When the call to action pops, the first blurb would be that of Archive.
  • Click on it and archive your post. 
  • If you wish to bring it back onto your feed, tap Show on Profile and it'll reappear.

7. Retrieve your best performing hashtags 

Some of your hashtags may have gone viral or you might just love using them. But typing them over and over again might be a pain. That's where this hack comes into play. 

  • If you are an iOS user, go to the Settings on your phone and then to General, Keyboard and Text replacement
  • Click the '+' sign on the right hand corner. 
  • Now, type your favourite hashtags under Phrase and the shortcuts under Shortcut.
  • Now anytime you want to type in your favourite hashtag it will automatically appear.
  • If you are an Android user, you can download Texpand. It will give you instructions on how to save your hashtags. 

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