#FallingStars2018: The Bizarre Meme That's Making Asian Celebs Fall Head Over Heels — Literally

#FallingStars2018: The Bizarre Meme That's Making Asian Celebs Fall Head Over Heels — Literally#FallingStars2018: The Bizarre Meme That's Making Asian Celebs Fall Head Over Heels — Literally

This strange trend is taking over Asian Instagram — but where the heck did it come from?

Social media trends are random and often bizarre, and the latest in the Instagram Challenges 2018, Falling Stars challenge is no exception. Basically, celebrities (including quasi-celebs) have been posting photos of themselves posed as if they had just fallen, typically out of a swanky convertible and surrounded by luxury items.

Some Asian celebs who jumped on the bandwagon include Singaporean socialite and social media star Jamie Chua.

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Lydia Sarunrat's post features a cameo from her son.


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Indonesian actor and model Richard Kyle shared this behind the scenes photo of his wife Jessica Iskandar's take on the Falling Stars challenge.

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Unlike most celebs, Thai actress and model Chayanit Chansangavej didn't glam it up and posed sprawled on the stairs, surrounded by take-out food. #Relatable

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Instagram Challenges 2018: Who started the Falling Stars challenge?

The Falling Stars challenge currently seems to be most popular in Southeast Asia, but the trend appears to have started in Russia, and caught on quickly after millionaires and celebrities hopped on the bandwagon.

We traced the trend backwards to the earliest post we could find, and found Russian DJ and producer DJ Smash's post dated on July 30, 2018. He posted a photo of himself "falling" out of a private jet, tagging models and celebrities to do the same. Though it hasn't been confirmed that he started the trend, note that DJ Smash has a 2014 song called "Falling Stars", so it's a plausible theory.

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What does the Falling Stars challenge mean?

Unlike previous challenges like the Ice Bucket challenge that raised awareness for ALS, or the #NoMakeUpSelfie that raised awareness for cancer research, the Falling Stars challenge seems to be a meme that's 100% just for fun.

It's easy to see why it caught on.

  1. It's entertaining for us normal folks, because the images are unlike the perfectly polished posts we've gotten used to.
  2. Like most viral challenges (see: Karma Is A Bitch), it's a sneaky way for celebs to do a humblebrag.

I'm not sure how I feel about the challenge. Sure, some of the images are aesthetic AF, and I can appreciate that. But many of the photos are too real, and more unnerving than funny. Basically, this is one of the darker Instagram challenges 2018. 

Case in point: this wedding photographer's take on the Falling stars challenge looks like a scene straight from Narcos.

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Indonesian actor Ricky Cuaca's post, meanwhile, seems to be an attempt at self-deprecating humour, but it makes me just want to check his pulse and see if he's okay.

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What do you think about the Falling Stars challenge? Would you jump on the Instagram challenges 2018 bandwagon?


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