Portraying Social Consciousness: What Does It Mean To Be Socially Woke?

Portraying Social Consciousness: What Does It Mean To Be Socially Woke?Portraying Social Consciousness: What Does It Mean To Be Socially Woke?

Awakening happens from the inside out and usually with a sense of revolt.

For one, you make a stance–loudly. 

More and more, we hear the voices many around the globe standing up to flagrant forms of violence and for, social issues and problems.

Be it sexism, sexual assault, domestic violence or social injustice, we're just not having it. We can't highlight the importance of social consciousness enough.

Around the world and in Asia, here are a few instances where social awareness messaging has been done just right.

Seven shout-outs to the importance of social consciousness

1. Inclusion: we all bleed, or tear the same

We are who we are.

Trying to be different or rejecting ourselves because parts of society seem intransigeant to our most basic of human rights, can only spell disaster. This includes acceptance of a person regardless of race, sexuality, religion or gender.

Recently, Sunsilk's support LGBTQ rights in Thailand saw the production of an amazing and viral campaign. It is based on the real life account of former Thai beauty pageant Rock Kwanlada, who is transgender and simply, stunning.

We dare you not to shed a tear.

2. Gender equality: we all wear pants

Lately the press has been going nuts over a familiar name: Meghan Markle

There's a fair bit to love about this gorgeous, talented actress and philanthropist. She's certainly vocal about the importance of social consciousness.

Aside from her celebrity life and recent marriage into the British royal family, Meghan Markle is also an avid activist for gender equality. And apparently, she made her thoughts known at just eleven years old!

Here's her memorable speech given at the UN women's conference in New York. Her words were an inspiration and reminder to all out there, that some of us will fight you to death to receive equal treatment, respect and rights. 

3. Domestic violence: a target on our foreheads

According to a study done by the UN Women Foundation, a staggering percentage of women globally (70%!) face physical violence in their lifetime. 

How many of us have known or heard of our friends or relatives experiencing violence in their homes? The answer might be jarring. 

Some brands like Reebok have decided to act and send a clear message: break the silence, end violence against women. And while you're doing that, know that women are stronger than you think.

4. Sexism: A word that makes us want to throw up

Aren't we just sick of it?

The casual or intentional sexist remarks, jokes, conversations we have to often bitch slap out of so many men. There was a time where sexism was an accepted form of treatment in society, but it sure as hell is not now.

We've come across many commercials, campaigns and adverts fighting sexism. Lately, Korean dramas have joined the fight. Yes, Miss Hammurabi is making waves in Korea and for all of us women battling with outright sexism in Asia.

Juggling satire, parody and comedy, Miss Hammurabi creates refreshing perspective and dialogue around the importance of social consciousness–or just not being a jerk.

Delicious teaser below!

5. Body positivity: you only need yourself to slay

And that includes all of you, in all shapes, colours and sizes. There's hardly anything more sexy than a woman with love for her body and confident in her skin.

Although, this may not come easy in places like Asia where certain stereotypes of body image are prevalent. In Japan especially, you would be hard pressed to find sizes above the Japanese M.

That's why it is thrilling to see women like Naomi Watanabe leading a crusade in favour of body positivity. With over 6 million followers, this Beyoncé impersonator has got crowds raging over her guts and talent. She's chubby and she owns it.

Watch her dazzling live performance here,  lip-syncing to Beyoncé's hit song. She definitely brings the importance of social consciousness to the stage!

6. Sex positivity: don't be shy, have an orgasm or two

Sex. A word that has so much weight, possibility and taboo attached to it. And we all know, the more the taboo, the more the misconceptions. 

There is nothing shameful about needing or wanting sex. There is nothing shameful about having healthy conversations around the topic of sex. 

For artists like Janelle Monáe, her music is a rainbow bridge to engaging us on many social issues. Sex positivity including.

With the release of her latest album Dirty Computer, Janelle defiantly celebrates the power of women and their bodies as well as the importance of staying true to oneself. 

7. Sexual harassment: would you do it to your mothers?

This is a thorny question indeed. One harassers often fail to muster within their deep selves.

We've heard a fair bit on the topic of rape, sexual harassment and violence recently. Thanks to many women out there coming forward to speak up, the topic has seen wide coverage over the news. Especially with instances like the #MeToo movement.

We don't know if we'll ever see the end of it. But we do know, we can start by calling out the smallest of unacceptable acts, perpetrated by harassers such as, cat-calling.

In Peru, brands like Everlast send a strong message out to sexual harassers: your mothers are women too. 

Social wokeness happens when we include alertness into your everyday lives.

It is fully capturing the importance of social consciousness. It happens when staying blind, mute and deaf to the many awful  truths of this world is no longer an option. 

Awakening happens from the inside out and usually with a sense of revolt.

It pushes us to make the world listen. But more importantly, to ensure the world does not ignore.


Feature and lead image credits: Instagram

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Written by

Sabrena Jefri