Here's How You Can Identify Your Face Shape

Here's How You Can Identify Your Face ShapeHere's How You Can Identify Your Face Shape

When you know how to identify your face shape, it's easier to know which hair styles work best on you and which accessory would look great!

Truth be told, figuring out your face shape sounds a lot easier than it actually is. And if you have ever traced your face in the mirror to identify your face shape, you’d know that the squiggly blob doesn’t really resemble any shape!

So to help you identify your face shape so you can pick the most flattering makeup and hair styles, we’re sharing some tips. These will help you zero in the most unique features of your face.

How to identify your face shape

There are essentially six face shapes- oval, square, round, heart, rectangular, pear and diamond. Each of these shapes are unique, even though a few might look the same there are distinct differences. 

So how would you identify your face shape? For starters, stand in front of the mirror and check the following:

Step 1: Identify the widest part of your face

  • Forehead: If your forehead is the widest part and your face tapers down, you probably have a heart-shaped face.
  • Cheekbones: If you have prominent cheekbones, you may have oval, round, diamond or a heart-shaped face.
  • Jaw: A prominent jaw with a narrow forehead means you have a pear-shaped face.
  • They all look the same: If all of your features including the forehead, jawline and cheekbones appear similar, you probably have a square or long face.

Step 2: Identify the shape of your jaw

  • Round: A well-rounded jawline means you have a round, oval or oblong face shape.
  • Square: As the name suggests, if it looks square, you could have a square-shaped face. However, you must still check the distance between the three points- forehead, cheekbones and jawline to check. If they are not similar, it could be rectangular.  
  • Pointy: If your chin is pointed and your have narrow forehead and cheekbones, it’s a diamond shape.

Step 3: Identify the length of your face

  • Short: If the length and width of your face are almost equal and you have a rounded jaw, you probably have a round face shape.  
  • Average: If your face is longer than it wide, you could have an oval shape. But if your face is longer than it is wide and your chin is pointy, you could have an inverted triangle shape.
  • Long: If your face is prominently longer than it is wider, it could possibly be oval in shape.

Now, some people have a combination of features and that may make it more difficult for them to identify their face shape. In that case, go with the features that are slightly more prominent.

Here  is a closer look at all of the face shapes so you know which one is yours.

#1 Square

If you happen to have a square shaped face you’ll notice that the sides are almost straight and your jawline will be slightly angled with very small curves. Your face will also be as wide as it will be long.

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So if you were to measure, the distance between the top if your temple to where your jawline begins will be similar to the distance between the points where your left and right jaw begin.

Choose a hairstyle that softens the edges of your face, including the jawline.   

#2 Diamond

If you create a line from the centre of your hairline to your cheekbones and to your chin, it will create a diamond shape, hence the name of the face shape.

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Women who have a diamond shaped face usually have high cheekbones and a narrow and pointed jaw. In such a face shape you will notice that the hairline is narrow and so you have a narrow forehead.

You can choose a hairstyle that broadens your jawline and forehead.  

#3 Rectangular

Such a face shape is also sometimes called an oblong face shape. You’ll notice that if you have a rectangular face shape the length of your face will be more than the width.

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Your forehead and your chin will be almost of the same length and the chin will have a slight soft curve. Again, choose a hairstyle that softens the edges of your face, including the jawline.

#4 Heart

If your forehead and cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your chin is pointed, you have a heart-shaped face.

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Many people who have a heart-shaped also have a widow’s peak (the V-shaped point in the hairline) but if you don’t it doesn’t mean it’s not a heart shape. Picture an upside-down triangle if you will.

You should choose a hairstyle that de-emphasises your forehead and widens the jawline.

#5 Round

Interestingly, a round face is simply a square face with really soft angles. The sides of your face will curve out slightly instead of coming down straight.

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Your cheekbones will be the widest part of the face and your chin will be rounded and softly pointed. To balance this face shape you can try hairstyles that essentially elongate your face.

#6 Oval

If you have an oval face, your forehead will be slightly larger than your curved chin. Picture an upside down egg, if you will.

This shape is almost similar to an oblong or rectangular face shape, the only difference is that the chin here is slightly softer and the edges of the jaw are more curved. Your face will also be longer than it is wider.

Your face is considered to be an ‘ideal’ face shape in the fashion industry, but you can still choose a hairstyle that creates the illusion of a wider face.

#7 Pear

For those ladies who have a pear-shaped face, the jaw is the widest part of your face. Your cheekbones as well as forehead will be narrow.

The edges of the jawline will also be slightly soft and it may almost feel chubby, but its not. It’s just your jaw. You can choose a hairstyle that softens the jawline and creates the illusion of a wider forehead.

Whether you are oval, round or pear-shaped, know that your features are totally unique. And this knowledge is only to help you identity the makeup looks and hairstyles you can try to best suit your face shape.

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