11 of SNSD (Girls' Generation)'s Most Iconic Music Videos EVER

11 of SNSD (Girls' Generation)'s Most Iconic Music Videos EVER

What's your favourite SNSD music video?

Where would K-pop be without the iconic songs of SNSD?

Recently, SNSD (aka Girls' Generation) celebrated 11 years of SNSD with nostalgia-filled social media posts that left us feeling bittersweet. After all, it's been a year since the group went on an indefinite hiatus, and we're not sure if we'll ever see more of SNSD again!

No one can deny that SNSD were a huge force in making K-pop a global phenomenon. They made such an indelible impact that even the new generation of K-pop girl groups still pay homage to their contributions (see: Red Velvet's cover of "Gee").

And though we don't really need an excuse to geek out over what is undoubtedly one of the, if not the, most iconic girl group[s] in K-pop history, what better opportunity to celebrate their 11th anniversary than with 11 iconic songs of SNSD?

11 Iconic Songs of SNSD: Girls' Generation's Most Memorable Videos

1. "Into the New World" (2007)

Though "Into the New World" was in no way a smash hit — it gained some attention but didn't make them stars. But we can't leave out this video for the simple reason that it's the group's debut. Look how fresh-faced they are!

2. "Gee" (2009)

This was the song that made fans fall in love with Girls' Generation. "Gee" made SNSD a household name not only in Korea, but also internationally. Pure unapologetic bubblegum pop, "Gee" was a catchy toe-tapper that claimed the number-one spot on KBS's Music Bank for nine consecutive weeks — a record that was only broken in 2012 by Psy's "Gangnam Style".

3. "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" (2009)

With "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" we were introduced to the girls' sultrier side as they deliver that iconic leg dance in skimpy military outfits. Even though "Gee!" was their breakthrough hit, "Tell Me Your Wish" showed us the essence of SNSD: cute and sweet, but hella sexy too.

4. "Oh!" (2010)

Back in bubblegum pop land, "Oh!" cemented SNSD's place as the girl group of their time. The song is over-the-top cutesy, and in the music video, the girls go ham with the cute, as evidenced by the abundance of pouts, winks, head-tilts, etc.

5. "Run Devil Run" (2010)

Worlds apart from "Oh!", "Run Devil Run" is hella fierce and badass — no cutesy head-tilts here. Which makes sense, because they're singing about exacting justice on a scoundrel of an ex-lover. Clad in studded leather jackets, black and gold jumpsuits, and futuristic white suits, this was the most serious we'd ever seen the girls, and we lapped it all up.

6. "The Boys" (2011)

With a heavy thumping drumline, the electro hip-hop sound in "The Boys" was something unexpected from SNSD. The group released an English version of the song to make an international impact. They made their US television debut with this song and also made appearances on French television. However, even though the single was a success in Korea, it flopped in the US.

7. "I Got a Boy" (2013)

Sound-wise, "I Got a Boy" is unpredictable, all over the place (in terms of genre, tempo, and style), and downright confusing. But. It. Works. Over-the-top and ambitious, this song reestablished their dominance, and the video's a visual feast.

8. "Catch Me If You Can" (2015)

Their first track after the departure of Jessica, "Catch Me If You Can" is an EDM banger that marked yet another (temporary) departure from their cuter beginnings. One of their simpler videos — no location changes, and just two costumes! — the girls here are shown dancing at a construction site, the focus on their dancing and that sick beat.

9. "Party" (2015)

This cute summer song has the girls going back to their bubblegum pop roots, and because it's a summer song, the girls are on a beach, in bikinis, making googly eyes at the camera. And the girls' high spirits are infectious — when they give the camera one final wave, a tiny part of you will be itching to wave back.

10. "Lion Heart" (2015)

The girls really lean into the vintage here with the '60s sound and throwback imagery. It's pretty and just simply satisfying to watch. Those shots with the sparkly white flapper dresses? If their goal was to look positively angelic, then mission accomplished.

11. "All Night" (2017)

Along with "Holiday", "All Night" is widely considered as SNSD's farewell song (say it ain't so!). The video's stylish and aesthetic AF — a little vintage yet thoroughly modern. It's a crime that the song didn't do as well as it should've, so here we are imploring you to give it the attention it deserves. 

Do you think we've missed any iconic songs of SNSD? Let us know in the comments!