How Your Zodiac Sign Loves: Unlock Real Romance Through The Stars

How Your Zodiac Sign Loves: Unlock Real Romance Through The StarsHow Your Zodiac Sign Loves: Unlock Real Romance Through The Stars

Use your stellar superpower to bring your next big romance into your life!

Want to know what makes you attractive? Turn to astrology and see how zodiac signs show love.

Finding "The One" can be tricky business. Timing, luck, and serendipity all need to come into play to turn your next meet-cute into a romcom-worthy relationship. Take a small step closer to romance success by turning to the stars for advice. How zodiac signs show love can help you pinpoint your strengths, maximize your superpowers, and turn you into someone's potential soulmate. 


No one gets amped up about romance quite like an Aries. When you’re into someone, they become top biller on your list of priorities. You sweep them away with physical attention, grand gestures, and spontaneous trips out of town. While long-term commitment may be a stretch for the Aries lover, once you find your match, you’re loyal and faithful right to the very end.


Someone who’s looking for a secure, stable and deeply committed relationship won’t go wrong by hooking up with a Taurus. You’re not one to play games—you’re in it for the long run. You show up even when things get tough, are determined to get all the gray areas cleared, and all the loose ends tied. Despite your serious demeanor, you’re also extremely sensual behind closed doors.


You’re never one to take yourself too seriously, which is why people find you so damn appealing all the time. When you’re attracted to someone, your effervescence comes through and is insanely infectious. You bring a light, fun energy to a relationship, whether you’re hooking up or getting serious. If someone’s able to hold your attention long enough, you’re able to engage in deep, meaningful, past-sunrise conversations.


You know how to make someone feel loved, 100 per cent. How zodiac signs show love varies according to different factors—your strong suit is anticipating your lover's needs. You "get" them instantaneously—so much so that sometimes, it comes off like you know them better than they know themselves. In relationships, you’re in it for the long haul. You never seem to lose steam when it comes to making your partner feel like they’re deserving of all the adoration you give them.


Leos are all heart and this comes off easily in the way you constantly shower your partner with affection. You’re supportive, you show up, and all the attention you pour on your relationship is almost like a drug people in love can’t say no to. Because you give so much of yourself to your paramour, you could secretly be expecting the same level of adoration right back. It’ll work as long as you both speak the same love language!


When folks are done dealing with drama in their relationships, they fall madly in love with a Virgo. It’s because you exude an unadulterated brand of purity that no other sign can match. You’re decent—and when love has soured people in becoming cynical about romance, what they need is someone who wants relationships to be clean and simple. Not messy. You see the best in your partner.


No one’s more in love with love than a Libra. Forget career, money matters, and everything else, Libras are perennially focused on their romantic lives and relationships. You know how to romance your partners and when smitten, you’re ready to do anything to make your partner happy. A master at seduction, you know how to play up your sensuality to a tee. If someone’s looking for hardcore romance, you’re the one to beat.


There’s something inexplicably magnetic about Scorpios. You have an air of mystery that others find impossible to ignore. Incredibly sexual, you smoulder and brood until your paramour can’t help but pursue you. You don’t give your heart out at the first signs of attraction, but when you decide that it’s time to fall in love, the connections you make are soulmate level deep.


Your perpetually positive spin on life makes your partners feel good 24/7 and that’s what makes Sagittarius so irresistible to their lovers. How zodiac signs show love can turn serious, deep, and a little hot and heavy, but you're the opposite. You specialize in fun. You play the Manic Pixie Dream Girl role to a tee, sweeping people off their feet in spontaneous adventures, infecting them with your enthusiasm for life, inspiring them with your independence. (Your partner had better hope they hold your attention long enough for an honest to goodness commitment though!)


Sincerity is your strong suit, and if someone’s been burned and scorned in love before, you become their wonderful antidote to relationship trauma. No one’s more worthy of someone’s trust than a Capricorn. You always deliver. You’re also the very last person on earth that would be unfaithful, and you make sure your partner knows and understands this. Capricorn’s best secret? Your serious persona belies your playfulness in bed.

How Your Zodiac Sign Loves: Unlock Real Romance Through The Stars

Solid relationships are built on real friendships. How zodiac signs show love may depend largely on the sweep-me-off-my-feet factor, but you know better than that. You know how important friendship is as a foundation to build on. The master of the best friends-turned-lovers trope, your partner knows you’re in it for the long haul because you start out as friends. You also know how to have a heck of a lot of fun—you have an amazing ability to lighten the mood, and make even a long-term relationship exciting again. 

How Your Zodiac Sign Loves: Unlock Real Romance Through The Stars

Your dedication to your relationship is unquestionable, Pisces. You’ll do anything to make sure your partner’s happy—even if that means compromising some of your own wants and needs. Selfless sometimes to a fault, you allow others to open their hearts fully, teaching them what it is to be appreciated without judgment, and loved boundlessly.

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