How To Wear A Summer Dress In Winter Just In Time For Christmas

How To Wear A Summer Dress In Winter Just In Time For ChristmasHow To Wear A Summer Dress In Winter Just In Time For Christmas

Are you planning to wear a slinky dress for a Christmas party and wondering how to wear a summer dress in winter? Well, in that case you can reuse some of your 'hot days' clothing, which I am sure your wardrobe is packed with from the many years of living on the sunny island of Singapore. You can save up some dollars to buy more warm Starbucks drinks over there and even add some summer-vibes to your winter outfit.

Look no further from your Instagram feed to get inspired on how to wear a summer dress in winter. Here are outfit inspirations from nine of our favourite Singaporean Instagram influencers. Let them teach you how you can dress like them and winterise your summer wardrobe.

How To Wear A Summer Dress In Winter

1. Wear a long sleeved shirt inside your denim dress| @rachsuen

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  A post shared by Rachel Su-En (@rachsuen) on

Rachel Su En is an up and rising influencer on Instagram. Her fashion style is feminine and sweet, yet she looks effortless with her girl-next-door vibes. 

Notably, the way she mixes and matches her clothing is just as effortless yet at the same time unique. In this outfit combination, she wears a black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt that is able to keep her neck and her arms warm. Then, she adds some fun to her outfit by wearing a denim babydoll dress over the shirt.

If you wish to know how to wear a summer dress in winter like Rachel, you can get the Hannah Denim Fluted Hem Mini Dress from Love, Bonito at S$46.90. 

2. Put on a thick bomber jacket over your hoodie dress | @melissackoh

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Want to know how to wear a summer dress in winter but wishing to go for the cool and sporty vibe? Take a look at this outfit by Melissa Celestine Koh. 

Melissa Koh is one woman to look up to. She recently launched her fashion label called "Run After" to encourage her fans to run after their dreams.

In this outfit, she is wearing a black Tommy Hilfiger hoodie dress. It is lightweight and casual enough to be worn in the summer. Yet, she adds some warmth to her outfit by putting a silver bomber jacket over it. You can find a similar Superdry Hooded Logo Dress from Asos at S$98.93.

3. Bring over some summery vibes with a long-sleeved maxi dress! | @violaerin

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  A post shared by V I O L A (@violaerin) on

I would describe the Love, Bonito co-founder's fashion style to be pretty conservative, with most of her Instagram posts showing her clad in outfits covering her entire body. At the same time, her fashion style is no less sophisticated and glamorous. 

Specifically, she is wearing a blood red maxi dress with sleeves going to her elbows. The flowy and vibrant colour of the dress reminds one of everything summer. On the other hand, the conservative outfit allows one to keep extra warm in a cooler place. 

Dress like Viola Tan by getting this OUGES Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck Wrap Waist Maxi Dress in red from Amazon at just S$18.99 to $27.99. Even though the red can be striking, the simple design and cutting makes it a perfect casual wear.

4. Look pastel-sweet with a light blue denim button-down over a pink dress | @bellywellyjelly

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  A post shared by CHRISTABEL (@bellywellyjelly) on

Christabel Chua was recently seen skiing in Niseko, Japan and there is no doubt that this pretty traveller can teach us some tricks on how to wear a summer dress in winter.

Her outfit here screams innocence with the pastel colours. At the same time, the pink midi dress and the long sleeved denim button-down that goes to her knees give much warmth to her body in the cool weather.

Therefore, don on this Missguided High Neck Ribbed Racerback Bodycon Midi Dress in camel from Asos at just S$29! You will turn heads with those curves accentuated by this bodycon design.

5. Belt up that button-down! | @sophiewillocq

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This French-Chinese beauty is seen in a grey bodycon dress and a long-sleeved button-down similar to @bellywellyjelly's outfit. However, Sophie's outfit is a tad more sophisticated with the checkered design of the button-down and the belt fastened around her waist.

How to wear a summer dress in winter? Further enhance your womanly curves and secure your warm button-down around your body using any belt in your drawer. Get this fashion style by checking out the Missguided Grey Long Sleeve Ribbed Popper Mini Dress at S$23.47.

6. Get a knitted-material dress | @prettyfrowns

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  A post shared by Isabel (@prettyfrowns) on

Isabel Tan herself mentioned that her career as an influencer gave her the opportunity to travel 50 times in a year. Hence, she is the best person to consult on how to wear a summer dress in winter!

Here she is clad in a dark green knitted-material long-sleeved off the shoulder dress. The material is sufficiently comfy and snuggly for the cool weather and at the same time it is discreetly sultry with her shoulders and long legs showing.

Check out a similar design in black - Missguided Black Off Shoulder Knitted Jumper Dress at S$29.73.

7. Show off a sweet scallop outline of your dress | @speishi

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  A post shared by SOH PEI SHI 苏培诗 (@speishi) on

Soh Pei Shi is smiling sweetly in front of the Sydney Opera House. She is in a light pink oversized wool sweater with the scallop outline of her white dress peeking out from the bottom.

Markedly, the wool sweater looks so warm and cuddly we just want to reach across the phone screen to hug her. Nevertheless, the scallop design at the bottom of her outfit gives an added fun and flirty feel to her outfit.

Get your own white scalloped summer dress with the Marjorie Broderie Anglaise Dress at Love, Bonito for $49.90.

8. Wear a tiered dress to gather more warmth | @willamazing

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  A post shared by Willabelle Ong (@willamazing) on

Boasting a follower count of 152,000 on Instagram, Willabelle Ong is often seen posing with snowy mountains in her feed.

Willabelle is wearing a Victorian-era inspired flowery tiered dress. The brownish-pink colour and the sweet ruffles on the dress makes her look like a summer princess, yet she looks warm enough with the long-sleeves and many tiers of her dress.

Be a summer princess like Willabelle by getting this gorgeous Alice Mccall Clementine Tiered Lace Dress at S$346.36.

9. Snuggle up in a corduroy dress | @dreachong

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  A post shared by Andrea Chong (@dreachong) on

Andrea Chong describes her own fashion style as casual yet classy. Indeed, she inspires us on how to wear a summer dress in winter glamorously.

In this post, she is wearing a sleeveless button-down corduroy dress over a white long-sleeved shirt.  Particularly, the slightly dull orange colour of her corduroy dress reminds us of the autumn leaves that appear right after summer and before winter. As a bridge between the two seasons, this dress is the ideal summer dress for a cold destination.

Get your own thick and warm Tie Corduroy Overall Dress in light brown at Zaful for S$12.99.

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