Is He Really Into You Or Are You Getting Played?

Is He Really Into You Or Are You Getting Played?Is He Really Into You Or Are You Getting Played?

Players gonna play? Shake him off.

Sadly, every girl on the planet knows all too well that the world is full of players. And it's not that easy to spot them, especially when they're smoking hot and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Learn how to tell if he's a player before it's too late and you get even more emotionally entangled.

Real talk time. Are you ready?

How to Tell If He's a Player: 10 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

1. He avoids talking about the future.

We're not saying you should expect him to be cool with you planning your wedding (btw, don't do this unless you're absolutely sure you're on the same page), but if he doesn't want to make plans for summer or the next long weekend, then he probably doesn't plan on sticking around that long.

2. It takes him forever to reply.

Yes, we're all busy people, and we can't expect everyone to reply to our messages immediately. But if he habitually leaves you hanging with no explanation, that's just rude. I've waited all night for guys who messaged me "BRB" and never went "RB", so believe me when I say that this happens to all of us. Don't sweat it, but don't waste any more of your time on someone who won't give you the common courtesy of replying on time.

Is He Really Into You Or Are You Getting Played?

3. He never calls.

The magic of cell phones is that you can hear your loved one's voice wherever, whenever, and feel instantly closer to them. If he refuses to go on calls and insists on sticking to messaging, that could be a sign that he's with other girls and he doesn't want to get caught.

4. He's not interested in meeting your friends.

When figuring out how to tell if he's a player, try to see how interested he is in aspects of your life that doesn't concern him. Does he zone out when you talk about your passions and hobbies? Is he always full of excuses when you bring up meeting each other's friends? A man who's really interested in you will want to know you and be part of your life.

5. He looks at other girls when you're together.

First, I should point out that it's totally normal to take a glance at an attractive person. That's just how we're built; we can't help it. But if he openly stares at women without any regard of your feelings, that's problematic. He might not be playing you, but that's just downright inconsiderate and you deserve better.

6. He doesn't show you any affection when you're in public.

Or maybe you only go out in places where you won't run into people you know — like a far-flung shopping mall or a cafe in the middle of nowhere. If he treats you like this, it's obvious what's going on: he doesn't want to be seen with you. Make it easier for him and ditch him for someone who'll be proud to show you off to the world.

7. He doesn't take you on real dates.

If all you do is Netflix and chill, then it looks like you're nothing more than a booty call to him. We're not saying he should be wining and dining you every weekend, but he should at least want to spend actual quality time with you.

Is He Really Into You Or Are You Getting Played?

8. He acts like he's hiding something.

Does he often turn his phone away when he's texting? Yeah, he's playing you. Run, don't walk away.

9. His social media is full of girls.

Now, don't be too quick to jump into conclusions here because some guys simply have lots of female friends, and some guys are just so good-looking that they have girls chasing them all the time. This doesn't mean that he's a player, but if it makes you insecure, you might want to work out those feelings before dating someone like this.

But if you see him interacting with hot girls on social media via cryptic emojis and comments, then that's a little questionable. To be sure, bring it up with him and see how he reacts.

10. He won't call you his girlfriend cause he "doesn't believe in labels".

Not calling you his girlfriend after two weeks of dating is one thing, but refusing to commit to you after six months is another.

11. People tell you he's a player.

If he's built up a bad reputation for himself and people have been warning you about him since you started dating, listen to them. Don't think you're the exception, the one who's finally going to change him for the better, because chances are, you aren't.

We hope these tips on how to tell if he's a player were helpful! Also read: 12 Warning Signs That A Relationship Isn't Going To Work Out

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