How To Take A Good Selfie For Instagram (Even When You're Not Photogenic)

How To Take A Good Selfie For Instagram (Even When You're Not Photogenic)How To Take A Good Selfie For Instagram (Even When You're Not Photogenic)

Go give Kylie Jenner a run for her money.

If you've taken hundreds of selfies in one go trying to get that perfect shot to post on Instagram, you're not alone. Taking the perfect selfie isn't easy, which is why it's helpful to know the basics of how to take a good selfie for Instagram. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of exactly that — tips on how to take good Instagram photos of yourself. Listen up!

How to Take a Good Selfie for Instagram: 9 Do's and Dont's to Live By

1. DO look for light

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Bad lighting is the worst — those extra shadows on your face can make you look older and more haggard, so put in a little extra effort to get good lighting. And don't settle for the light from your computer screen or your office's fluorescent lighting. Natural light is the most flattering, so find yourself a window, or even better, go outside.

Golden hour (during sunrise or sunset) is extra flattering, and can make you look so good that you won't need a filter!

2. DO get yourself a cell-phone light (if you're always in dimly lit places)

If you spend a lot of time indoors or like going out at night, that doesn't mean that you have to settle for badly lit selfies. Buy yourself a cell phone-sized ring light or a case with a built-in selfie light so you're guaranteed to have good light no matter what the situation.

3. DON'T stop at just five selfies

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Kylie Jenner says she can take hundreds of selfies before she finds one that she thinks she can post. Take different selfies with different angles, playing around with it until you find the perfect shot.

4. DO take note of your background!

You could look amazing in your selfie, only to have the photo ruined by a messy room or something embarrassing (dirty underwear, a vibrator) lying around in the background. A pretty background is a surefire way to get people's attention, so look for something eye-catching, or at least crop out whatever's unnecessary.

5. DO use two hands

Using just one hand is a good way to take a selfie — especially if you want the photo to capture more of your outfit. But if you have trouble steadying your hand, you could use two hands to take a sharper image. Plus, it looks cute!

6. DO find your angle


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The upside to taking hundreds of selfies is you're bound to find a pose that works for you. Once you've mastered that pose, make it your go-to angle.

7. DON'T use just that angle

The downside to finding your go-to angle is you could fall into the trap of taking the same photo over and over again, and you don't want to be that girl. Mix things up by using different angles, or simply asking a friend to take your photo instead of taking it yourself. You want your feed to be anything but boring.

8. DON'T use bad filters

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Instagram's built-in filters might've been good enough back in 2010, but now, our standards should be a little higher. Here are some external apps you could use to get the perfect filter.

9. DON'T over-edit

There's nothing wrong with doing a bit of spot correction to get rid of that pesky zit or your eyebags, but don't go overboard. You want to look fresh, not plastic.

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