The Bucket Bag Is Back To Haunt Us! (And We're Excitedly Freaking Out)

The Bucket Bag Is Back To Haunt Us! (And We're Excitedly Freaking Out)

If you're wondering how to style bucket bags, we have some fashionable inspirations for you.

Thanks to accessories label Mansur Gavriel, the bucket bag has gone from being a trend three years back to a closet staple now. It started with a more conventional rectangular shape. But we're noticing that it seems to have undergone a serious style upgrade. In fact, the new crop of bucket bags look like the distant cousins of the original with their round, oval, square and even pentagonal shapes. 

But all said and done, it is roomy and unfussy and has the entire convenience and utility thing down. 

No wonder it was everywhere for many seasons. And even though many in the fashion circles are moving on to other options, we can't get enough of this bag just yet.

Plus, with designers adding fresher spins to it, we suspect you won't have to wonder about how to style bucket bags anymore. Because let's face it, the bucket bag may never actually go out of style and can practically be worn with every outfit.

How to style bucket bags 9 ways

But in case you are still wondering how to style bucket bags, here are 9 different examples.  

#1 Boho chic

Go for a bohemian look with a peekaboo-leather bucket bag. You can pair your maxi dress with a medium-sized bag, just as the model does below.  


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Complete the look with matching open-toed sandals and gold accessories. 

#2 Casual chic

Since bucket bags are so versatile, you can also pair them with a jumper and skirt and some sneakers of your choice. 


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You can make this bag as feminine or rock chic as you want. However, we do recommend sizing down if you are going for an edgy outfit so that the remain doesn't steal focus from your outfit.  

#3 Street smart 

If you are a sucker for high-street fashion look no further than the bucket bag to add that extra oomph to your outfits. 

You can even customise your bags to match your outfits. We love how Christine East has added a pop of colour to her bucket bag to compliment her dress. 

#4 Working class

If you thought a bucket bag is only for fun, think again. This roomy accessory is also perfect for the working gals and don't look as serious as a briefcase. 

It can fit in almost everything and that is reason enough for you to pick it up the next time you go bag shopping.   

#5 Style diva

The tie up pants are all the rage at the moment and are great to pair with a bucket bag. Take a cue from Minneapolis-based blogger Taylor Brown. 

We love how effortlessly chic the bucket bag looks with a modern and smart work-appropriate outfit. 

#6 Runway ready 

You can even pair your bucket bag with shorts for the perfect beach look or add a jacket to look more runway ready. Your choice! 


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We like how Instagram influencer Marley Braga paired her short and jacket combo with a bucket bag. 

#7 Fashion forward 

Sports anchor turned fashion and lifestyle blogger, Laura Behnke shows how to make the bucket bag work with casual jeans and tee.


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A biker jacket in pastel, faded denims, classic white tee and a sophisticated flat go so well with a bucket bag. 

#8 Feminine chic

Famous Instagram blogger Aimme Song shows us why you must pair a bucket bag with a chic feminine dress. Of course, her bucket bag is slightly different from the Gavriel style bags, but that's what makes this look unique.


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You can also experiment with various kinds of smaller bucket bags (and there are many) to compliment your feminine dresses. 

#9 Summer-ready 

A Simon Miller Pony Skin-esque bucket bag is perfect for those hot days when you just pair it with a short dress and be out and about. 


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We're taking our inspiration from blogger Emma Hill and styling out next bucket bag with a short dress and a denim jacket.

The beauty of a bucket bag lies not solely in its styling but also in its colour, size and functionality. If you keep these factors in mind you can snag the perfect one for you.

How to choose the perfect bucket bag

Here's are our three pro tips on how to choose the perfect bucket bag in order to know how to style bucket bags. 

#1 Select a size that's perfect for you 

Your bucket bag is the perfect fashionable alternative to a purse or backpack. But what you need it for dominates your purchase. Make an inventory of the items you want to carry in a bag.


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If you want to replace your current bag, make sure to check the depth of your current bag so you buy a similar sized bucket bag.  

#2 Consider the fabric 

A bucket bag comes in many designs. From round handles to leather-straps to jute exteriors. based on your requirement, you can pick your favourite design. And when you do think about the fabric based on your taste and use. 

You may want a bag to take to your beach holiday and a leather bag may not suit the occasion. Similarly, you cannot take up a fit everything for office in a small jute bag. So think of the occasion and need when choosing a fabric in order to know how to style bucket bags. 

#3 Find a bag that fits you 

While it's important to find a bag that fits all your requirements and is able to carry everything, it should also be the one that you love to wear. Your bag should make you happy. So look for one that matches your style and that you can accessorise. 

You can check out the different styles and check out a few pieces before you make the big purchase.  

(Feature and lead images courtesy: Instagram/MansurGavriel)

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Deepshikha Punj