How To Style A Pixie Cut In Different Ways

How To Style A Pixie Cut In Different WaysHow To Style A Pixie Cut In Different Ways

Take your inspiration from these influencers to learn how to style a pixie cut in different ways

One thing all Singaporeans often complain about is the hot and humid weather. It’s nice that there’s summery skies and warm air all year round. But let’s admit it, we have definitely experienced days where we just wished we had shorter hair, in particular, pixie cuts.

The good news is that if you’ve considered going short, 2019 will be the best year because pixie cut is back in the limelight. Who can forget the beautiful Miss Vietnam sporting a short pixie cut in the Miss Universe pageant this year? If you recall, she was one of the top five finalists and rocked a pixie haircut like its nobody’s business.

So if you’re considering getting this sexy cut, we’ll tell you how to style a pixie cut in different ways.

What Does A Pixie Cut Look Like?

First thing’s first, let’s get this out of the way. A pixie hairstyle is cropped short at the sides of the head and at the back of the head. Specifically, it has layers styled with a slight tousled effect.

Some of the most gorgeous celebrities including Natalie Portman and Katy Perry have rocked a pixie cut.

how to style a pixie cut in different ways

Natalie Portman and Katie Perry rocking their pixie cut. | Image courtesy: Instagram

Types Of Face Shapes That Look Fantastic With A Pixie Cut

You may be still wondering if you should really take the leap of faith to get your hair cut. Maybe knowing if your face shape is suitable for a pixie cut would help you make a better choice.

If you have an oval shaped face, congrats! Any haircut, long or short, will look good on you. That means a pixie cut will also frame your face nicely. 

If your face is shaped in a heart, then the pixie cut is the ideal hairstyle for you. However, just make sure to not add too much volume at the top of your head to avoid looking imbalanced.

If you have a square face, a pixie cut would work well too. You can soften your strong jaw by making your pixie cut more layered rather than even, throughout. 

Want to know how to style a pixie cut in different ways? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. We’re taking our pixie cut inspiration from these fashion and beauty vloggers to show you how they rock their pixie look.

How To Style A Pixie Cut In Different Ways 

1. Bangs with platinum silver hair | jejojejo87

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  A post shared by 💓 Jenny 💓 (@jejojejo87) on

This German beauty loves to travel and prides herself in her pixie cut and tattoos. Her hair is dyed platinum silver. Interestingly, she styles her hair such that the back of hair appears to be swimming towards the front where it ends in bangs right above her eyelashes. Perhaps a style you’d like to cop too?

2. Rainbow-coloured (literally) hair | @alineh_a

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Alineh Avanessian is one unique personality and she defines herself as the ‘queen of bomb ass hair.’ And we couldn’t agree more. The beauty vlogger is daring enough to sport a rainbow-coloured pixie cut. Her hair colour includes bright red, blue and green, styled as spikes in different directions.

3. Tousled and layered blonde hair | @ruthnotmay

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  A post shared by Ruth Bell (@ruthnotmay) on

Ruth Bell is a model based in the United Kingdom and the face for Dior. She looks impeccably gorgeous here in her light pink gown and pearl drop earrings. To add on to her sophisticated look, her light blonde pixie cut is tousled and layered.

4. Autumn red and sleek hair | @_fox_trott

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  A post shared by △ Shorthair ▽ (@_fox_trott_) on

This beauty vlogger boasts a head of soft and sleek autumn red hair that you just wish you can reach across the screen to touch it. She’s added some highlights to her hair, so that their waves are more obvious. But overall it is a simple pixie cut.

5. Little braids at the front of head | @its_jennj

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Jenn Jackson is the proud mama of her hair and style YouTube channel that has 63,000 subscribers. If you are still eager to find out how to style a pixie cut in different ways, Jenn can teach us how to create cute and pretty braids at the front of a pixie cut.

6. Put on a charming jeweled headband | @sarahb.h

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  A post shared by Sarah B. (@sarahb.h) on

Another YouTuber, Sarah B., shows us how to style a pixie cut in different ways using hair accessories. In particular, she is seen wearing a black headband lined with jewels in this picture, making her look like a princess (we think, anyway). The accessory adds glamour to her rather simple and short pixie cut.

7. Swept suavely to one side | @heatheraustrie

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Heather Austrie boasts of an Instagram follower count of 10.9K. Here, her hair is platinum silver. Moreover, the left side of her head is shaved off, leaving the rest of her hair swept and flopped over to the right side of her head.

Amongst our list of ‘how to style a pixie cut in different ways,’ this is a suave look to go for! 

8. Bow tie on your head | @micahgianneli

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  A post shared by MICAH GIANNELI (@micahgianneli) on

Micah Gianneli is a well-known digital influencer and fashion blogger in Australia. She looks super classy yet oh-so-hot in this photo. We’re taking our inspiration from the simple black bow tie on her head. Her blonde pixie cut is simple in itself, so the bow tie helps to draw attention to her hair.

9. Long curly black fringe | @_hairgod

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  A post shared by HairGod (@_hairgod) on

This is the pixie cut for those of you who want to keep your black hair, but also want an added oomph to your hairstyle. She shaved the side of her head and cropped her hair short at the back. However, her fringe is long, reaching to her jaw. Moreover, her fringe is swept to the side and curled. Something unique to try, isn’t it?

If you do try any of these styles do tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #HerStyleAsia. 

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(All images courtesy: Instagram)

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