How Women Masturbate: Your Ultimate Guide To Solo Sex

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Learning how to masturbate for women is often a topic that is kept out of discussions. But now anymore.

Learning how to masturbate for women is often a topic that is kept out of discussions, even with doctors. So when a woman find a technique that works, she often likes to stick with it. But, experimenting and changing up your solo sex style has its own benefits too.

It not only opens you up, it also helps you learn a lot more about your desires and fantasies. Incidentally, there are ways you can maximise the output of this act and learn how to make it work wonders for you. 

How To Masturbate For Women: 11 Things You Must Try 

1. Set the mood of your room 

When you take the time to set the mood of the room and change your ambience, you really set yourself up for success. Even though you are alone, it shouldn’t stop you from pleasuring yourself just as you would for somebody else. Set some romantic music, light candles, put on a sexy lingerie and even use a sex toy, if it turns you on. 

2. Keep working at it 

You might get tempted to go for a vibrator when you start. But control your urges and trust your body. Keep going at in circular motions and rock your hips to the rhythm you set for yourself. Your continuous back and forth movements would keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the vibrations and make the act last long too. You might even come about a new position and rhythm that pleases you so.  

3. Try to be experimental with stimulations 

When you masturbate, you don’t necessarily have to stick to just clitoris stimulation or internal stimulation. You can do both at the same time. There are several vibrators that go deep enough to touch your highest stimulation point while you indulge in clitoris stimulation yourself. It’s all about mixing and matching to discover the style you love the most. 

4. Test out your anal capacity 

This many not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are a curious one, especially about the butt, this is something you can try. You can indulge yourself by circling your anal with some lube, or slowly work your way in or experiment with butt plugs. You can even go ahead with vibrating butt plugs and enjoy a 50 Shades of Grey moment for yourself. There is a lot to choose from, if you’re willing.  

5. Pillow humping is worth a shot 

Most women often start out with pillow humping and there is nothing wrong in going to something you know and like best. However, if you’ve never tried, you can slowly grind your vulva against the pillow. Adjust the pressure and the position of the pillow as you go along and once you find your favourite position, maintain the rhythm and get yours.  

6. Back off right before you orgasm 

The concept of backing off right before you orgasm is called edging. Learning how to masturbate for women shouldn’t be a race, at least not one you should aspire to win. Tease yourself and caress every inch of your body (that you reach) before you dip into the end. Once you reach towards the end, slow everything down. From your movements, to your touch, and to your breath. Ride the wave and pleasure yourself as best as you can. 

7. Don’t be shy to get a little bit hands(y)

Yes, you can get away with using just a vibrator or a pillow. But why use other things when you can use your hands. You can caress yourself with one hand as the other one gets busy with the clitoris. Touching yourself can make your orgasms even more intense. For many women, their most erogenous zones are their nipples, or stomach or even thighs. So get handsy and find out what you like and you’ll be surprised by how easily you’ll be able to pleasure yourself.  

8. It’s not a chore 

how to masturbate for women

If you allow yourself little time, it’ll become a routine chore and you’ll lose all interest | Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Masturbation is not a chore or a job. So don’t make it something that you have to achieve. You have to create the atmosphere to be able to love yourself. Make sure you have privacy and are not rushed, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy it as much. If you allow yourself little time, it’ll become a routine chore and you’ll lose all interest. Knowing how to masturbate for women shouldn’t be limited to becoming a chore. Because then, you’ll only do it to relieve yourself of stress.  

9. Take lube’s help, why not! 

Using a pea-sized amount of lube to rub it along your clitoris with your index or middle finger can get you started in the right right direction. It is not something that you have to do, but you can try if you’re open to it. While you may have enough lubrication, but if you don’t there’s nothing to worry about. A lube can always come in handy. You can even use visual aids, if that’s how you roll. 

10. You have other body parts than the vagina!

So you decide to masturbate and start hammerjacking your vagina like there’s no tomorrow. Eh! Slow down missy. There are other body parts too and it’s a good idea to start experimenting (read touching) them to see what you love. It could be nipple simulation or touching your thighs, grabbing your butt or caressing your legs–see what works best for you. Look for spots and parts that give you the most arousal.  

11. Go slow and gentle 

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, especially when it comes to the bedroom. You don’t have to latch onto your vagina to immediately feel satisfied. Instead, give yourself some time, run your fingers along your lips, stomach, and thighs, all the way to the vagina. Get that blood flowing, if you will. And tease your clitoris without penetration. Finally, insert your fingers and penetrate yourself, as you go back and forth in rhythmic movements. And viola!   

Remember how to masturbate for women is not just limited to the lying position. There are other positions like sitting on a chair or just standing that you can try as well. Either way, the only thing to do now is to get on with the act and explore your body.

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