How To Make Your Man Last Longer In Bed Naturally

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If you're often wondering how to make a man last longer in bed, take this as your ultimate guide to great sex! 

Intimacy can be an alluding concept, especially if you have a partner who only worries about two thing–his size and longevity in bed. While he cannot do much about the former (except maybe surgery), you can help him achieve the latter. So how to make a man last longer in bed? 

The truth is, your man’s ability to finish first can benefit him in many ways, but perhaps not in the bedroom. Premature ejaculation can be distressing for couples. But like most activities, sexual performance can be improved in the most unexpected ways.

If you’re often wondering how to make a man last longer in bed, take this as your ultimate guide to great sex! 

How To Make A Man Last Longer In Bed

1. Bigger belly 

You may have nagged your man more than once for his bulging beer belly, but it could be a good thing.

As per a study published in the The Journal of Sexual Medicine, overweight men last an average of 7.3 minutes more than their skinny counterparts who only make it a maximum of two minutes. 

The researchers found that men with belly fat have more estradiol, which a female sex hormone that inhibits orgasm. So if your man has a bit of belly on his tummy, enjoy it till it lasts. 

2. Check your expectations 

Okay, so you gave a pass to your man for having a beer belly in the hopes that he will last longer. But how much longer are you talking about? 

An average sex romp reportedly lasts about seven minutes. So if your boyfriend or partner lasts that long, hurrah for you! On the other hand, an average a woman may take 20 minutes.

And orgasm aside, if it feels good to both parties the romp can last longer.

But if you’re expecting to run a marathon, you’re setting yourself up for a pretty lofty goal there missy.

Not that it can’t happen or that you experience almost five to seven orgasms in between, but it is pushing the envelope a little too hard. 

3. Mixing things up 

If you haven’t yet spoken to your partner, whether he is a new boyfriend or your husband, its time to share your concerns.

When you share how much you wish for it to last longer, you can then move on to trying new ways to actually make that happen. 

Now, how to make a man last longer in bed with the ‘new ways’ you ask! Well, you can mix foreplay and intercourse. Yes, some people might think of foreplay as a ploy as if it is an appetiser, but its actually not.

It prolongs your time together and you can take a break and add it in between before resuming to intercourse. 

For instance, you can start with erotic massages and move on to a hand job. Start having sex. Now, go back to hand jobs, and slowly move to oral sex. You can even add masturbation to the mix. Go back to your intercourse, achieve your orgasm and finish him off with your tongue. Intense, but worth the shot!

4. Try optimal positions 

how to make a man last longer in bed

Did you know that there are also some positions where he cannot get too deep in forcing the act to extend longer than usual. | Image courtesy: Unsplash

In an effort to make your man last longer than usual, you can also try various optimal positions. Those that slow your man down so he has longer and more shallow thrusts are the ones you can try. 

There are also some positions where he cannot get too deep in forcing the act to extend longer than usual.

For instance, spooning, side by side, modified doggy style, the cross position, woman on top, lotus, and even sitting in a chair position. 

5. Play red light, green light

Your man might need to take a break right before he reaches the end point. This is perfectly normal and should be encouraged if you want him to last longer. But the problem is that many men look at it as a sign of weakness.

It is not. It allows him to take a breather and come back invigorated with more energy. 

One way to get him to participate is by playing red light green light. Whenever somebody says red light, both partners must slow down and pickup after somebody says green light.

This is a great way to include foreplay and you get to make it last much longer than usual. 

6. Use sex toys 

If you are not keen on the whole shebang of masturbation or oral sex or a hand job in the middle of intercourse, sex toys are another great option.

Take your breather with a sex toy and include that during intercourse to prolong your experience. 

There are many options when it comes to sex toys including vibrators, Ben Wa balls, horse shoe, kegel exerciser, anal beads, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and cock rings, among others. 

7. Change his diet 

Turn your guy into a vegetarian horse for a while. Not literally! Vegetarians are known for their high energy through milk and veggies and its a good idea to tap into this science. A vegan diet that is high in fruit content provides more sustainable energy.

For instance, banana has the right amount of sugar and energy for your man to last a long time in the bedroom. 

In fact, we’re not saying it. But studies have proved that vegetarians have twice as much energy as non-vegetarians.

In a study published in the Yale Medical Journal, revealed that vegetarians had more stamina in various physical activity tests they conducted. 

So in case you’re wondering how to make a man last longer in bed, its not a bad idea to add some more veggies on your man’s plate.  

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