How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Fresh-Smelling

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Fresh-SmellingHow To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Fresh-Smelling

Self-conscious about your vagina's smell? Don't be — here's what you should do to keep your privates clean and healthy.

First things first: a healthy vagina isn’t supposed to smell like rainbows and flowers. All those feminine hygiene products that promise to make you smell like strawberries and cream are either lying, really bad for you, or both. But proper vaginal hygiene is important. Thankfully, learning how to keep your vag clean and smelling good isn’t that hard.

The vagina does most of your work for you. It’s designed to clean itself naturally, and as long as you practise proper hygiene and don’t mess around with douches and scented products, it should be able to maintain a healthy pH and have a good balance of bacteria.

How to Keep Your Vag Clean and Smelling Good

1. Practise good hygiene.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to know just how many women don’t know how to wash their vagina properly.

Every day, wash your vulva (that’s the outer bit of your genitals) with warm water and mild, unscented soap. Some women don’t have bad reactions to scented soaps, but to be safe, stick with plain soaps. And don’t neglect the perineal area — which is the area between the vagina and the anus.

If you’re on your period, you might want to wash more than once a day.

2. Never insert scented products into your vagina.

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Fresh-Smelling

Image: Unsplash

Vaginal douches are used to flush water into your vagina to “clean” the vagina, but this only disrupts your vagina’s balance. Sure, it might wash out bad bacteria, but it’ll also wash out all the bacteria that helps keep your vagina healthy.

Douching might also increase the risk for vaginal infections, so just quit doing it, for your own sake.

3. Ditch the silk panties.

Sure, your lacy underthings might make you feel sexy, but you know what isn’t sexy? A bacterial infection. You should be wearing breathable cotton undies, or even go commando every now and then. You can save the lacy thong for special nights with your lover, but it shouldn’t be your go-to underwear.

4. Wipe as you go.

Every time you use the bathroom, you should wipe your vulva clean from front to back. This gets rid of the smell of urine, sweat, and discharge. But be gentle! You wouldn’t want to irritate your vag with rough tissue paper.

5. Practise safe sex.

Having sex is an easy way to expose yourself to bacterias and viruses that can cause STDs and infections. To protect yourself, practise safe sex by using condoms.

6. Clean yourself before and after sex.

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Fresh-Smelling

Image: Unsplash

Sex introduces a lot of new things to your body, so washing before and after sex helps maintain your vaginal health. And always remember to pee after sex to avoid UTIs!

7. Leave your pubic hair alone.

Many women think that getting rid of their pubic hair is more hygienic, but your hair is there for a reason! Your pubic hair is meant to protect your vagina from infection

8. Drink lots of water and eat foods that make your vagina smell better.

What you eat can have an effect on how your vagina smells. If you want to smell your best, avoid foods like dairy, asparagus, and garlic and consume fresh fruits like pineapple and grapefruit.

Staying hydrated is also important, as it lets your body flush out toxins that could be causing odour.

But if you notice a strong, unusual odour, itching, and unusual discharge, that could mean that you’ve got an infection. Pay a visit to your gynaecologist to make sure that all’s well down there!

H/T: NHS (1,2), theAsianparent Singapore

We hope this article on how to keep your vag clean and smelling good was helpful!

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