How To Keep Your Man Interested In You: 15 Sexy And Easy Ways

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Guys can be fickle, but if you know how to keep your man interested in you, there is no way he's falling off the loyalty wagon

You may think that your guy is fickle and has a short attention spa. But the fact is that just like girls, even he enjoys the novelty of attention in your relationship. Without this, even the best of guys can also fall off the loyalty wagon.  

The good news is that if he is really into you and you feel a deep connection with him, chances are your relationship will solidify. It also means you’ll have to work your end of the bargain to keep the spark alive and learn how to keep your man interested in you, just as he would for you.

To keep your guy interested in you, just take a cue from these tips so you keep him on his toes and his desire for you is always on peak. 

How To Keep Your Man Interested In You

Here are the 15 sexy and effortless ways to keep your man interested in you. Always. 

1. Be spontaneous. Just like you, your man also loves to be surprised, shocked (sometimes), and surprised with a date or movie night or even a bit of romp. So don’t be shy when it comes to expressing your love for him.

2. Be yourself. There is nothing sexier than a woman who stays true to herself and is honest with her man, no matter the situation. If he loves you, its not because you can be a chameleon, its only because of who you truly are.

3. Take control of the bedroom. Its nice to sometimes be the one who initiates things in the bedroom. It’ll not only take your man by surprise, but also let him see this dominant and sexy side of you that you may so fare never brought out. This kind of confidence can turn a man on like you can never imagine.

4. Check how you smell. Not just because you had a long hard and tiring day, but also because its nice to smell nice for your man. A woman’s soft and sweet smell can turn a man on and its a added advantage if you are particular about your personal hygiene.

5. Know how to turn him on. You don’t always have to put on a sexy lingerie to turn on your man. Sometimes subtle signs can do the trick too. Your voice, your clothes, your attitude, your confidence, all combines are a huge turn on for your man. Plus, its a lot of fun when you are truly in love.    

6. Befriend his friends. Just as you’d expect your man to be friendly with your girlfriends, your man also expects you to get along with his. So make an effort to get to know his circle of close pals. You not only make newer friends, but will also get to know a lot about your guy. Win-win!

7. Show interest in his hobbies. You may not want to sit through an entire night of football, but if he shares his love for the subject, it doesn’t hurt to be a good listener. He would do the same for you if he loved you too. Men love to spend time with a woman who understands their interest, just as you would expect him to do appreciate yours.  

8. Try not to be a drama queen. In this new relationship of yours, everything feels special, loving and exciting; and most importantly simple. There is not much room for too much drama in a new relationship. So avoid the drama, don’t exaggerate situations unnecessarily, just to prove your point. This way, you’ll quickly learn how to keep your man interested in you.

9. Lend him a supportive shoulder. Your man would love for you to be his support and pillar of strength. He’d want to confide in you and share his highs and lows with you, so lend him that shoulder. If you show his support, rest assure he’ll treat you like a goddess. 

how to keep your man interested in you

Your support means the world to your man, so don’t be afraid to show him how much you care. | Image courtesy: Unsplash

10. Be financially secure. Its 2018 ladies! There is no reason for anybody to be sitting home, waiting for a sugar daddy. Be in control of your finances so you don’t have to depend on anybody. Guys often try to stay away from spendthrifts, but when they see how good you are with your finances, it can kind of be a turn on. As Beyonce once said, “Have a life, before becoming a wife.”

11. Show your intelligence. Just because you want this guy to be interested in you, doesn’t mean you have dumb yourself down yourself. Be self assured and engaged in intelligent conversations with your man. He should know that he is lucky to be with a queen who is not only compassionate but also strong and smart. You’re a catch!

12. Show some PDA. You might not be a huge fan of PDA, but your man would love it if you held onto his arms as if you needed him all the time. It gives him a sense of feeling wanted and he would love the fact that you aren’t afraid to show the world that you love him.

13. Be super independent but also dependent. Confused how it translates to how to keep your man interested in you? Don’t be. As much as your guy loves his independent, strong-willed and masterful girl, he also enjoys a bit of dependency on your part. It makes him feel important and desired. So be slightly dependent when you are with him, but free-willed when you are by yourself. You can play the two!

14. Respect yourself. When you are respectful of yourself and keep yourself on the pedestal of truth, honesty and integrity, nobody can question you. And that is the most important part of knowing how to keep your man interested in you. How, you may ask? When you respect yourself and don’t allow yourself to be treated like a doormat, you’ll attract a guy who truly things of you as a prized possession. Never allow yourself to be somebody who is rude and disrespectful of you.       

15. Make him feel proud of you. When a guy truly loves you, each of your achievements will feel like his own and vice versa. Be an achiever and one who he can look upto. 

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