How To Get Period Stains Out Of Clothes: Your Ultimate Guide

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Wondering how to get period blood out of clothes? Here are nine easy ways.

Being on your period can be quite frustrating. Especially, when you have to be on the go and your cramps are giving you the blues. Worse still, if you accidentally place your pad in the wrong position, leakage and staining can cause a lot of embarrassment. So, how to get period blood out of clothes?

We tell you some quick and simple ways you can get yourself out of this icky situation. 

how to get period blood out of clothes

How To Get Period Blood Out Of Clothes: 9 Easy Hacks

1. Rinse your clothes with water

If you wake up in the middle of the night with painful cramps and you realise you just stained your nightgown, take it off (and your panties), immediately. Put on a fresh pad and a new set of clothes. Then, bring the stained nightgown to the bathroom.

Turn on the tap at the sink and run cold water over the stain. At the same time, rub that area using your thumb in circular motions. In addition, squeeze out some of your favourite hand soap onto the stain to wash with water. If you run out of hand soap, no worries! Just replace it with your shower gel or liquid laundry detergent.

2. Wash with some salty water

Are the stains still stubbornly sticking to your clothes? Time to stop anxiously thinking of how to get period blood out of clothes as we have a simple solution. Go over to your kitchen and get a bottle of table salt. Then, sprinkle some salt over the stain and wash it with cold water.

Take note to only use cold water as hot water can set the stain in. You don't want a brown patch as an additional pattern to your floral dress! Alternatively, if you are a contact lens wearer, try pouring some saline contact lens solution on the stain to remove it.

3. Rub a juicy lemon on the stain 

Next, how to get period blood out of clothes that have been stained for a few weeks? If you have completely forgotten about that pair of white jeans you stained the other day, regular cold water and soap may not work too well to remove the stain. 

Instead, here's how. Grab a lemon from the kitchen counter and rub the juicy flesh on the stain. Alternatively, open up a bottle of lemon juice and pour some over your stain. However, this method is not advisable for dark clothing as lemon juice is so strong that it can remove the colour from your clothing. 

4. Create sticky paste with baking soda and water

If you can't find a lemon or any lemon juice in your house, look around for baking soda. Pour some baking soda into a bowl. Then, add some water to it to create a sticky paste.

Apply the paste on the stain and leave it on for 30 minutes to overnight. Then, wash it off with cold water.

5. Sounds shocking...but use meat tenderizer

If you love to cook, there should be some meat tenderizer somewhere in your kitchen shelves. Grab the bottle and pour some meat tenderizer into bowl. Make a paste by mixing the meat tenderizer with water. 

Then, let the paste stay for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. See your precious clothing return back to its original form!

6. Gently rub the stain using cornstarch paste

Another household product you can use to kick those blood stains out of your beautiful dress is to use cornstarch paste. This is another super simple method on how to get period blood out of clothes.

Firstly, mix some cornstarch with water in a bowl. Next, rub the cornstarch paste gently over the blood stain. Afterwards, place your clothing at a spot that has strong sunlight shining. Once the cornstarch paste has dried on the stain, brush it off to reveal spotless fabric!

7. Pop a can of fizzy coke and rub some on the stain

How to get period blood out of clothes and get to enjoy some sweet fizzy drink at the same time? Go to the nearest convenience store to get a can of coke, simply pop it open and pour some coke onto your stained fabric. Wash it with cold water after leaving it on for a few minutes. Then, down the remaining sweet liquid to kill off those period blues.

8. Purchase blood stain removal products

If you experience heavy flows and often stain your clothes, consider getting a blood stain removal product. The UUCare Stain Remover effectively targets menstrual stains. Simply pour some of the product into a basin and add some water to it.

Then, soak the affected area of clothing in the solution, rubbing the stained area using your fingertips. Get this product from Watsons here.

9. Spit some saliva!

Yes, you read that right. If you are unable to find a bathroom or can't get your hands on any household products or a can of coke, simply spit some saliva on the stained spot. Use your fingertips to massage the stain. This will help prevent the blood from setting in before you get to a source of water.

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