The New "Pinching Hand" Emoji Is The Ultimate Comeback To Unsolicited Dick Pics

The New "Pinching Hand" Emoji Is The Ultimate Comeback To Unsolicited Dick PicsThe New "Pinching Hand" Emoji Is The Ultimate Comeback To Unsolicited Dick Pics

Unsolicited dick pics senders are shaking.

So Unicode — the organization responsible for making emojis official — has rolled out a batch of 230 brand new emojis, and (as we always are when new emojis are released) we're psyched. Scroll on to read about how to get new emojis, and about one emoji in particular that has caught our eye.

About the New Emojis

Like the more recent batches of emojis, this newest group is all about inclusivity. These new emojis have different variations of couples holding hands — more genders, more ethnicities. It now includes people with disabilities, as well as guide dogs and a mechanical arm and leg. 

One awesome inclusion is a drop of blood that's supposed to symbolize a woman's period.

Also, there's no shortage of cute new animals (we got a sloth, a flamingo, an orangutan, and more), food (a waffle emoji — finally!), clothing, and more.

All in all, there are 59 brand new emojis, and 171 brand new variants for gender and skin tone.

But there's one emoji that's receiving considerably more attention than the rest — the pinching hand emoji. Why?

While the eggplant emoji has been universally regarded as the dick emoji, this pinching hand emoji is now regarded as the small dick symbol.

Unsolicited dick pic senders, you've been warned.

How to get new emojis

We don't know about you, but we want these emojis on our devices yesterday. But according to Unicode, we have to wait until September or October before we can start using these emojis, as this is when software updates "typically" include new emojis.

(BRB, starting petition to get the small dick pic emoji to our phones sooner. We need it. Stat.)

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(Featured image: Screengrab from YouTube)

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