People Who Make Their Beds Every Day Have More Sex, Says New Study

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This simple habit could hold the key to a fantastic sex life.

Attention, slobs! If you feel like your sex life is a little lacking, it just might be because of your untidiness. (Don’t @ me, an actual study on how to get more sexually active said so.)

A study conducted by Sleepopolis on 2,000 respondents found that bedmakers have more sex.

And it totally makes sense, once you take a look at the relationship dynamics behind this behaviour.

42% of those who said they make their bed say they do it because of their partner. And a third of respondents say it’s a turn-off when someone leaves their bed unmade.

People Who Make Their Beds Every Day Have More Sex, Says New Study

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The researchers also found some other differences between bedmakers and non-bedmakers. For example, people who leave their beds unmade are more likely to be night people, while people who tuck in their sheets every day tend to be morning people.

Bedmakers tend to be more extroverted and adventurous, while non-bedmakers are likely to be shy and sarcastic. Bedmakers are more likely to enjoy jazz, while non-bedmakers are more likely to listen to rock music.

People who don’t make their beds are also more likely to snooze their alarm, and also have lower quality sleep than bedmakers.

“While it’s interesting to examine the differences between people who make their bed and people who don’t, the differences pale in importance to getting a good night’s sleep,” said Logan Block, the director of content at Sleepopolis — a mattress review site. 

Besides making your bed, what other small things you can do to improve your sex life? Read on for some tips on how to get more sexually active.

How to Get More Sexually Active: More Easy Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

People Who Make Their Beds Every Day Have More Sex, Says New Study

Image: Unsplash

1. Reexamine your birth control.

If you’re using birth control pills, the medication could be affecting your hormones and doing your sex drive dirty — but not in a good way. Some pills can also affect your vagina’s ability to lubricate, which doesn’t feel great, to say the least.

Consult your OB to find some other medication that might work better for you.

2. Get fit.

Though you should love and accept your body no matter what size it is, being overweight isn’t good for your sex drive. Losing as little as 10 pounds can do wonders for your hormones.

Start by eating right and getting regular exercise — not only will your sex life improve, you’ll be boosting your overall health as well.

3. Destress.

Adulting is hard, but don’t let the stress of the day-to-day get in the way of you and your partner’s hanky-panky. Stress hormones can decrease your sexual desire, so try to leave behind the worries of the day by meditating or practising some yoga.

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