Cloudless Skin Is The Latest K-Beauty Trend! But What Is It Exactly?

Cloudless Skin Is The Latest K-Beauty Trend! But What Is It Exactly?Cloudless Skin Is The Latest K-Beauty Trend! But What Is It Exactly?

Cloudless skin is the latest in a series of Korean skincare fads, but it goes beyond momentary trends. Intrigued? Read on.

First there was glass skin, then came honey skin…it’s like every week we’re blessed with a new Korean beauty trend to swoon over. Well this month is no exception because “cloudless skin” is here and it may very well be the most “extra” K-beauty fad yet. 

Like its K-beauty predecessors, it still involves the basics—a multi-step regime for maintaining dewy, hydrated, and all-around healthy skin. But unlike the trends that came before it, cloudless skin is less a trend, and more a lifestyle. 

Any K-beauty fan shares the goal of achieving utter flawlessness, and that radiance that emanates from within. Think blemish-free, pore-less, super clear skin that is practically translucent, then you’ll have cloudless skin.

Simply put, cloudless skin is the pinnacle of Korean skincare perfection. But it also takes your emotional state into consideration.

I know, it might sound quite strange. How can us mere mortals achieve such perfection? 

It might seem like an impossible goal, but many believe that cloudless skin is totally achievable, but like any skincare regime, it doesn’t happen instantly.

How to Get Cloudless Skin: A Guide for The K-Beauty Newbie

how to get cloudless skin

If you’re wondering how to get cloudless skin, look beyond your skincare regime to your daily habits. | Image courtesy: Glow Recipe Instagram account

Here’s how you begin your journey to cloudless perfection!

“There is no overnight fix, more something to strive for through a combination of good skincare, sensible diet/hydration and the right skincare products and treatments,” dermatologist and Cosmedics Clinics, Dr Ross Perry tells Glamour.

1. Don’t forsake the basics of skincare

Deep cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturising are the great commandments of K-beauty. There’s just no escaping the multi-step regime, which includes face masks and scrubs, too. 

If you’re a fan of K-beauty, it’s likely that you already have go-to products to get dewy, youthful skin. 

But what are the specific ingredients that can help you achieve cloudless skin? Let’s take a look at them. 

2. Wear sunscreen

To maintain healthy, hydrated skin, even in the peak of summer, wear sunscreen with at least an SPF level of 50, like Lagom Sun Gel (S$38.10).

Too much sun exposure can cause the appearance of sun spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. What’s more, the harshness of UV rays can do a number on your skin’s elasticity or texture, diminishing it over time.

3. Do facial massages

To keep your skin plump and firm, massaging is key! You don’t have to spend too much time on it, too. Because a good soothing massage can be incorporated into your existing regime.

Massage your face in circular motions while applying essences and serums. It not only makes sure you soak up all the good stuff, but also stimulates collagen production.

You can also regularly massage with applicators like jade rollers (S$4.54)

4. Eat clean

In the same way that exercise doesn’t excuse you from eating healthy, you can’t “outcleanse” a bad diet. To get cloudless skin, swap sugary food and drink for dark, leafy greens, whole grains, and fruit.

Stay away from high-glycemic carbs like white rice and bread; instead, go for low-glycemic food like sweet potatoes and oatmeal. High-glycemic foods amp up insulin production which can trigger acne breakouts (because of collagen breakdown, inflammation, and hormonal fluctuation).

5. Get enough sleep

You’re not just risking puffy eyes when you go to sleep late; you might also be robbing your skin off the chance to renew and repair. Lest we forget, the skin is the biggest organ of our body.

And like the rest of the body, it needs lots of rest to recover!

6. Steer clear of stress

Stress management doesn’t just improve your mood, it improves skin tone and complexion, too. When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels rise, making your skin more vulnerable to irritation and allergic reactions. 

Pampering your skin means making sure you’re well rested. 

7. Be consistent with your regime

In your quest to achieve K-beauty perfection, don’t let yourself be tempted to buy every new product that comes out in the market. You don’t have to forsake your beauty regime to keep up with trends.

Switching up products too often can cause inflammation and irritation. Choose the best products for your skin’s needs. You need to give your skin time to adjust. Don’t expect overnight results and change products constantly because your skin could be missing out!

Though the goal of cloudless skin is shared by more and more ladies the world over, we shouldn’t forget that our skin’s needs differ. Don’t feel bad if this trend doesn’t work for you.

Because whether or not it gives you pore-less, perfect skin, you would have adopted healthier habits that can truly improve your lifestyle.

Sources: Medline Plus

(Featured & lead image courtesy: Pony’s Makeup Instagram account)

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