How To Fix Broken Nails: 5 Easy Life-Changing Hacks

How To Fix Broken Nails: 5 Easy Life-Changing HacksHow To Fix Broken Nails: 5 Easy Life-Changing Hacks

If you don't know how to fix broken nails, worry not, we've got the best and easiest life-changing hacks that can make them as good as new

For those of us who've broken off a talon or two and didn't know how to fix broken nails, the experience has either been embarrassing or plain traumatising. The only salvaging truth is that we are not alone. Many of you might also have faced a similar situation. 

Luckily, there are quick fixes that can solve this problem. Whether you are outside at a party at your office, or, at home; these remedies are painless and easy to execute. They can fix any nasty broken nail and make them appear as good as new.

Plus, they are all celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee-approved! (Pssst! She is the artist who works with the likes or Priyanka Chopra). So you know you are in good hands.  

How To Fix Broken Nails: 5 Easy Hacks 

1. Fix Using Glue

Mending the broken nail using glue is a popular  method, especially for split nails that are not entirely broken off. As a temporary solution until the next nail appointment, lightly apply a layer or two of a fast-drying nail glue on the nail surface.

Once completely dry, layer on a coat of clear polish that can help strengthen nails while holding the crack together.

However, do note that most nail glues contain acrylates, which may not be ideal for those with any allergies. Acrylates can cause irritant and allergic dermatitis, and is mostly guilty for those pesky skin reactions.

2. Replace With Fake Nail

For broken nails beyond repair, you might just have to replace it with a fake one with any of your favourite fake nail sets.

“One of my favourite tricks for a broken nail is to apply a quick set of press-on or glue-on nails to hold you over until your broken nail grows out,” says Yankee.


3. The Gel Silk Method

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Written by

Melia Widjaja