Wondering How To Dry Your Hair Quickly? Try The Naked Blow Dry!

Wondering How To Dry Your Hair Quickly? Try The Naked Blow Dry!Wondering How To Dry Your Hair Quickly? Try The Naked Blow Dry!

Wondering how to dry hair quickly? Try this latest technique by stylist Luke Hersheson's that is sure to halve your hair drying time

If you ever dread the process of drying your hair, or hate the sight of frizzy hair, you would love this new hair technique. We wanted to find out how to dry hair quickly, and thanks to the great advice found in Luke Hersheson's book, Great Hair Days, you can now halve your hair drying time, while keeping the frizz at bay! Double win.

Glamour UK calls it the 'naked' blow-dry, and we dare you not to try it.

How to Dry Hair Quickly Using The 'Naked' Blow-Dry

So how do you exactly 'naked' blow dry your hair? Easy-peasy. It is a one step process that does not require any fussy routine. Basically, no hairbrush will be needed, but only your hands for this technique.

"While your hair is still wet, it's very vulnerable to damage and a brush is about as damaging as it gets," said Hersheson.

"As a hairdresser, I rely on my hands a great deal more than I do a brush."

Use hands to 'rough-dry' the hair until 95 percent dry, so there is no need to brush before or during blow-drying. "Then, and only then, should you use a brush," adds Hershesons.

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Do The 'Naked' Blow-dry At Home

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, set the hairdryer on a low speed and heat setting. We promise the speed difference will make sense soon.

The technique requires using only your hands to evenly toss your hair until it is close to dry. Section thick hair without brushing it. Bring it out when you want to part and shape your hair, but just before it becomes dry.

Or choose to ditch the brush altogether to speed up the process with a much smoother outcome! According to Hersheson, relying on hands only is sufficient enough for solving most styling issues.

"To soften a cowlick, you should use your fingers like a comb to grab and pull your hair taut while it is still wet to smooth oddities," said Hersheson.

"Similarly, you can reduce the appearance of frizz with the same technique; keep the hair taut and the airflow from your hairdryer pointed downwards and in the direction you want your hair to fall."

Apparently, using hands are enough to control the fluff, as hairbrushes may create more frizz than necessary due to static. So now you know how to dry hair quickly! 

Top 5 Hair Products For Glossy Hair

Now that you know how to dry hair quickly, its time for the next step. Taming the frizz. You want to make your hair shiny and smooth with moisturising hair oil. Read on and find one that speaks to your hair texture!

1. Alterna Caviar Anti-Ageing Smoothing Anti-Frizz Nourishing Oil, $38.00

To add shine and polish to dull hair, Alterna's anti-frizz oil from the Caviar line works wonders. This hair oil layers well due to its thick texture, and does not make the hair sticky or wet. Great for an instant shine boost, it can also deep condition the hair as you work it in more. 

2. Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment Light, $41.00

Not only does this hair oil smell great, but just one drop is enough to improve frizz and split ends, and make the hair look way healthier and well hydrated. Rare Oil Treatment Light help treats fine hair with its powerful antioxidants packed into the treatment. 

3. Ouai Hair Oil, $28.00

Doubling up as a heat protectant, the Ouai oil formula is versatile and targets split ends and static. It is also packed with Asian Borage, African Galanga, and Ama oils to retain the hair color, while its multitasking properties eliminates frizz for a super-smooth finish.  

4. Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment, $34.00

The Moroccan oil treatment can help you achieve extra shine boost and hair restoration, as you wrap your hair with a conditioning mask. Thank us later when your hair becomes much glossier later.

5. Seven Haircare Gazar Polish Balm, $28.00

Delivering the shine of an oil, this balm is actually more of a polish and helps to kill frizz and pesky baby hairs when humidity is high. Known to be a versatile balm with powerful moisture-binding properties, it also enhances hair texture for a smooth look.
Designed to rejuvenate while rich with silk amino acids, the super-shine balm protects and rebuilds dry and damaged hair.
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