How To Dress If You Have An Apple-Shaped Body

How To Dress If You Have An Apple-Shaped BodyHow To Dress If You Have An Apple-Shaped Body

Kicking off our special series on body types are tips on how to dress for apple shape.

When you go out shopping for clothes, what's the first thing you check? Is it the colour? Is it the silhouette? Or, is it the price? If you've been harping on just these three, you've missed out on the most vital element of picking out clothes. And that is -- your body shape. 

It essentially determines how a dress fits and hugs you at all the right places. If you buy an outfit that flatters your body shape, you're sure to look like the show stopper. But the question really is how do you determine your body shape.  

How To Determine Your Body Shape?

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Typically, there are five most common body shapes. Each of them have their own distinct features which makes it essential to shop accordingly. Let's take a look at each. 

  • Hourglass. As the name suggests, this is a curvy shape where the bust and the hips are of equal proportions, while the waist is narrow.  
  • Pear. Those with pear figures have a narrow torso and waist but wider hips and thighs. Most of the body weight is distributed through the waist below. 
  • Apple. Somebody with an apple-shaped body will have a heavy torso and fuller waist. Their arms, legs and hips won't be wide and most of the body weight will be distributed through the bust and mid-section.   
  • Inverted triangle
  • Banana. Some people call this an athletic figure because women with a banana body shape don't have any curves. The shoulders, waist and hips are equally proportioned.  

You can figure out your body shape at home by wearing a single coloured body-hugging top and bottom (for instance, shirt and jeans). Measure your vital status (bust, waist and hips) and see which part is heavier than the other. This will help you understand your shape. 

Once you have that sorted you can move on to figuring out your outfits. Today, we are going to take a look at apple shape body types and share tips on how to dress for apple shape. 

How To Dress For Apple Shape

They key to choosing an outfit that flatters your apple shaped body is to add volume at the right places and define your waistline. If you carry weight on your torso or you are heavy-breasted, add volume below the waist. Empire dresses would work well for somebody with a heavy torso. 

On the other hand, if you carry more weight on your lower half, add volume to your torso. You can try wrap dresses and accessorise with chunky neck pieces. They generally work well on all varieties of apple-shaped bodies.

Avoid bodycon dresses because they would accentuate your wider waist and make you look like you have no curves at all. 

What To Invest In 

Just to make it easy, here are some of the looks you must invest in. 

  • A 'V' or wide neckline
  • Empire cut dresses and tops
  • Wrap dresses with A-line skirts 
  • Knee-length A-line skirts 
  • Boot-cut jeans and pants 
  • Statement necklaces

Ideally, your styling goals should be to elongate your torso and bring attention to your long legs and create the illusion of a narrow waist. 

Try to keep away from high-waist bottoms, heavy embellishments around the waist, bodycon and shapeless and boxy clothes, as well as shoulder pads.  

While this is a generic way to know how to dress for apple shape, you might want to remember the following while trying outfits. 

1. You won't have a flat tummy 

It's not you, it's your body type. Your belly will always be prominent and will carry most of your excess weight (hence the name apple).

So in order to minimise the look of a fuller waist, you should wear straight-cut skirts and dresses. They immediately create the illusion of a slimmer waist.   

2. You will always have slender legs 

Yes, you are those few who can post your 'legs for days' literally everyday. No matter how much weight you put on, your legs will always look more slender than the rest of your body. 

We recommend grabbing a low-cut top that's not body hugging and slimming (something in silk or linen) and a flattering skirt. 

3. You won't have the J.Lo booty!

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No matter how much you work out, your ass is never going to look like J.Lo's. Sorry! You have straight hips without much definition, which means while you can buy low-hung jeans, they're not going to be popping. 

So to make it look like you have a little something-something on your bum, try A-line skirts. They will skim your hips beautifully and add definition. A-line dresses will also do the job just fine. 

4. But you've got ample boobs

You may not be #blessed when it comes to your bum, but you certainly are a bosom goddess. You'll have ample cleavage to flaunt and it can be your play when it comes to selecting outfits. 

No matter the bottom, whether you opt for jeans, trousers or skirts, if your top is fully covered, it will make you look matronly and fuller. Instead, opt for tops that are slightly low-cut and do mot fit tight on your torso.  

5. Your arms and legs won't always match 

Apples have a chunky torso including heavy arms. Your slender legs might even wonder "How the hell am I going to carry this on me?" But that's the beauty of your body type. 

Your torso is strong enough to do push-ups and your slender legs make you great swimmers. When it comes to your tops, opt for things that are half-sleeved, quarter-sleeved or cap sleeves. Although if you love an off-shoulder, don't be afraid to experiment. 

6. You'll have that round face thing going on 

You have a cute round face and it gets even cuter when you put on slight weight. Since your upper body will store most of your body's excess weight, its your face, arms and waist that will show it faster than any other part. 

Perhaps you can learn to make your face look slimmer using a bit of contour. But hey! who doesn't love cute chubby cheeks. You can pull off any look with that adorable face, whether its jeans or a crop top, or an a-line dress and skirt.  

7. You will always be perfect  

Your body shape may be far form the so-called "ideal" feminine shape, but as long as you are confident and self-assured you will look great. This is the ultimate key to looking great any day. Whatever it is- big boobs, small boobs, big hips, small hips, everything is perfect! 

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