How To Dress For A Girl's Night Out: 11 Inspiring Outfit Ideas

How To Dress For A Girl's Night Out: 11 Inspiring Outfit Ideas

Gather creative ideas on how to dress for a club on a girls' night out from 11 of your favourite Instagrammers here in Singapore!

Feeling like work has been taking a toll on you recently? Maybe it is time for a girl’s night out with your favourite group of girlfriends at the club and we are here to tell you how to dress for a club. A night of dancing, disco balls, good music and a glass of wine will be enough for the tension accumulated in your muscles to dissipate!

Of course, we cannot forget that a big part of hanging out with your girls is the part of getting ready before going out.

It is not just about the red lipstick or the shimmery turquoise eye shadow you should wear. The outfit you wear must be both lightweight and comfortable for a carefree night of dancing, and at the same time eye-catching and glamorous.

Whether you are a girly girl with a feminine style or a style of matured elegance, gather some outfit ideas for a night out at the club inspired by the Instagram fashionistas right here in Singapore.

How To Dress For A Club Female: 11 Influencer Outfit Inspos

1. The popular all-black outfit

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A post shared by Willabelle Ong (@willamazing) on

Willabelle is the owner of the fashion lifestyle website, Pale Division. She travels around the world in beautiful fashion styles and recommends the best places to take Instagram-worthy photos.

If you are somebody who loves black, then this all-black leather tank top and long pants may inspire you. The contrasting white jacket is lightweight for a night of dancing.

2. All black with a sexy back

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A post shared by Trishna Goklani (@trishnarawr) on

Trishna Goklani was featured in the “Annual Best Dressed List” of 2016 in The Straits Times.

How do you dress up in the popular all-black outfit in the club? This all-black dress has an added sexiness to it with its halter neck and open back. The gemstone-studded bag and dazzling jewelled earrings complete the look beautifully.

3. The outfit for the classy, elegant lady

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A post shared by YOYO CAO (@yoyokulala) on

Yoyo Cao is one of the most famous influencers in Singapore with an Instagram follower count of 348k. You can dress like her for a club with this gemstone-studded neckline that gives off a luxurious, classy feel.

It is balanced out by the soft velvety material of the dress. Complete this look with some sexy stockings!

4. Sequins and bling

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A post shared by Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh) on

You can resonate with Melissa Koh if you are an earth-lover as she is an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund.

The short sequinned dress is how you can dress up for the club if you want to catch the lights of the disco balls as you dance.

The look has an added sweetness to it with the black lace lining the bottom of the dress and you can increase its edginess with some hoop earrings and a black jacket.

5. Sexy lace and thigh-high cuts 

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A post shared by Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh) on

If you wish to dress up in a graceful yet sophisticated outfit, you can be inspired by this elegant but sexy lacy tank top and maxi skirt of influencer Melissa Koh.

The outline of the skirt is scalloped and the floral designs are evident when light shines through the skirt. Perfect for a girls’ night out!

6. The feminine influencer 

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A post shared by Nellie Lim (@nellielim) on

Nellie Lim is one of the influencers who have frequented renowned fashion shows such as Chanel and Diane Von Furstenberg.

The pastel pink and blue colours of this outfit is for the woman who wishes to express her sweet and simple beauty on the dance floor. If you wish to dress up to subtly turn heads in the club, the shimmery pink of the sleeves will do the job.

7. Frills, ruffles, and florals 

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A post shared by Rachel Su-En (@rachsuen) on

Rachel Su En is one influencer who has that girl-next-door vibe that everyone will fall in love with. Yet, she dresses with quality style, effortlessly.

This outfit is perfect for the woman who does not want to drop her feminine style, amidst all the women dressed in shiny and black outfits in the club. The sweet floral patterns and ruffled design of the dress screams an innocent beauty.

8. Casual but sexy

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A post shared by EUNICE ANNABEL LIM (@euniceannabel) on

The beauty influencer who was brand ambassadors for Maybelline and Sunsilk, Eunice Annabel is one familiar face that most would recognise.

This outfit is for the girly girl who can embrace the femininity of a velvety tank top and simple white pants, but is also edgy enough to dress up in a denim jacket outlined with shiny gemstones for the club.

9. Co-ords a'la Kardashians

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A post shared by Isabel (@prettyfrowns) on

Isabel Tan has worked with a whopping total of 64 fashion brands and makes the perfect inspiration.

This furry long sleeved crop top and skirt set is for the woman with a cutesy style but also want that sexy, matured look with your shoulders, abs and legs showing.

10. Casual, sporty style for the woman who loves to dance! 

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A post shared by Andrea Chong (@dreachong) on

Andrea Chong is an undergraduate at NTU, but also a host of theclicknetwork’s “That F word.”

If you are one that loves casual styles and you are wondering how to dress casually for a night out in the club, take a look at this outfit! With the bohemian pattern of her shirt’s neckline and her brown cowboy boots, she gives off an effortless and carefree vibe.

11. Woke and chic

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A post shared by Nadia (@skinnykatwoman) on

Nadia Rahmat is well-known for her eccentric fashion style and in 2015, she was actually the first Singaporean to be selected for a Marc Jacobs Campaign.

For all the sporty women out there, this is the outfit for you! The white colour of the dress is contrasting with the dark environment of the club, so you will definitely be the woman who turns heads.

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Bernice Leong