How To Dress A Pear Shaped Body And Look Fabulous

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Although you are already a showstopper, these tricks will help you understand how to dress a pear shaped body and look fabulous

If there is one common thread between our dress according to your body type series, it is the figures themselves. Whether it be apple, banana or pear shape, women across the board want to accentuate their figures without looking like they are trying too hard. 

And while it may still be easy with other body shapes, learning how to dress a pear shaped body and look fabulous is a tricky proposition. After all, you have a slender torso and wider hips, butt and thighs; and buying clothes can be manic at times. But worry not, we're here for your rescue. 

We can make learning how to dress a pear shaped body and look fabulous possible with these simple tricks.

How To Determine You Have A Pear Shaped Body

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But before we move on to the actual tricks, let's take a look at how to gauge if you actually are pear-shaped.

If you have a pear shaped body, you have:

  • Narrow shoulders and a smaller bust 
  • A well-defined waist 
  • Your hips, a rounded butt and thighs are wider than your bust 
  • The ratio if your bust, waist and hips is 3:2:4

If you checked all of these points, you've established that you have a pear-shaped body. So the next question is what should be your styling goal?

Styling Goals For Pear Shaped Body 

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Consider yourself lucky if you have a pear shaped body, because you can easily pull off outfits that accentuate the waist. And that should be your primary styling goal. But apart from that here are a few other things to bear in mind.

  • Tops: You should wear tops that accentuate your torso and arms and adds volume to your torso. You can invest in boat, ruffled, cowl, and wide U or V-shaped tops. Avoiding oversized tops would also help since it won't make you look too baggy.
  • Layers: Also add cap, billowing, and ruched sleeved tops. Add shrugs and coats to layer so you add volume to the torso.  
  • Dresses and skirts: In terms of dresses, opt for A-line and wrap dresses As for skirts, try A-line, straight, panelled and bias cut (fish cut). 
  • Bottoms: You must stay away from clothes that add too much volume on your hips and thighs. You can also invest in high-waisted pants and skirts that elongate your legs and take the attention away from the heavy bottom. Also, pants and denims with embellishment aren't exactly your best friend. Similarly, pencil skirts may also accentuate the weight on your bottom, so prefer not to purchase them. 
  • Back hemlines: You are lucky to have a pear shaped body because you can easily flaunt your gorgeous sexy back. So deep backs should be a staple in your clubbing wardrobe. They not only accentuate your back, but also your slender waist. If you do try this, you need to be careful of your bra. A pushup or padded bra is your best friend. 
  • Accessories: Arm your outfits with chunky necklaces that enhance your sexy collarbones. You can also style with big earrings and danglers as well as scarves to add slight volume to your torso.
  • Shoes: Yes, that too! You may think that shoes don't make a difference but they really do. A pointy heel can elongate your legs and make your body look more proportionate. You can make your look even more eye-catching if you try colourful heels that take the eye away from your heavy bottom and onto your feet.  

Although your slender neckline and elegant waist naturally makes you a showstopper. These tricks will help you understand how to dress a pear shaped body and look fabulous. 

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