This Woman's Easy AF Hack To Clean Suede Shoes Has Gone Viral

This Woman's Easy AF Hack To Clean Suede Shoes Has Gone ViralThis Woman's Easy AF Hack To Clean Suede Shoes Has Gone Viral

Twitter user Kiera O Hagan recently shared a simple hack to demonstrate how to clean suede shoes at home. And it is genius, to say the least.

We all love an ingenious hack or two. Only this time we stumbled upon one that not only shows how to clean suede shoes at home but has also give viral.

It is well documented how tedious shoe care can be, especially if you own suede pieces. The struggle to keep dirt and grime off them is real. 

But thanks to the interweb, a Twitter user shared her solution online and now everybody is trying out her unique technique. It is not only super simple, but is an everyday item that can be found at home. 

How To Clean Suede Shoes At Home With This One Hack

Twitter user Kiera O Hagan recently shared a genius hack to demonstrate how to clean suede shoes at home. The only ingredient she used was micellar water. Yes, you read that right. Micellar water was the secret ingredient that keept those nasties off her suede shoes, and it even worked on white suede trainers. 

She shared her before and after pictures with this hack and completely blew other social media users away:

Hagan clarified the way she used the micellar water was probably the same as when applied during a beauty routine. She usually just dabs it with a cotton pad, and rubs it over the dirty spots on the shoes. End result? They look as great as when you first bought them. We recently tried this genius hack and let us tell you, IT WORKS! Incidentally, micellar water is not the only way to keep your suede shoes clean. There are a few more household products that you can use to keep dirt and grime away from your priceless shoes.  

Other Clever Ways to Clean Your Suede Shoes 

Besides micellar water, there are other affordable and interesting ways to clean suede products. Just bear in mind that suede cleaning products are known to be quite pricey and not guaranteed to work all the time. But if you have the patience and take appropriate steps, your shoes can look fresh just by using items in your home, and you also get to wear them longer. Double win. 

1. Otter Wax Cleaning Brush, $3.95

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To ensure a regular cleaning routine for your suede shoes, ideally use a soft brush or toothbrush, as the bristles of a soft type are sufficient. You should clean them at least twice weekly if worn daily. Consider purchasing an affordable suede shoe brush if you get impatient.   

2. Kiwi Suede And Nubuck Stain Eraser, $6.20

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Wondering how to clean suede shoes at home with erasers, well no need for more wondering now! Yes, those same pesky scratches that appear on suede shoes overtime due to overuse or insufficient care, and making your shoes look old.

With the help of an eraser, they can be eliminated quite seamlessly though. Works like magic, and very affordable. Just use the eraser to rub over the scratches, and they will be gone. Now you can put those unused erasers from your stationery boxes to good use.

3. Heinz Vinegar, $2.60  

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To get rid of drink stains after a wild night out at the bar, only two main items are needed, namely white vinegar and a paper towel. If you are unlucky, you might end up with a spot or two of drink stains on your shoes. In order to get rid of the stain, you can just use a paper towel to dab a bit of vinegar on and then rub lightly against the drink stain.

For particularly stubborn stains, you might need more time while you stack a couple of towels drenched in vinegar placed on top of the stains and only remove once they disappeared. 

4. Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda, $1.50  

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Wondering how to clean suede shoes at home, the ones that have oil stains? Look no further than this trick. Oil stains or grease might be slightly more challenging to remove, but stronger ingredients like cornstarch or baking soda work great, along with using a paper towel or cling film in this process.

Just spread the baking soda or cornstarch all over the targeted oil stains, as it starts the process of soaking up the moisture. Then place the paper towels or cling film over the powder-covered stain, and behold, the stain will be gone after a couple of hours!

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With such a sensitive material, sometimes it may be necessary to invest in a stronger solution like a silicon-based suede protector spray all over the shoe, while possibly using a suede brush to give the shoes a good brush. 

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