How To Be A Sexually Confident Tigress In The Bedroom

How To Be A Sexually Confident Tigress In The BedroomHow To Be A Sexually Confident Tigress In The Bedroom

We know that confidence in bed is a big deal, so we've listed out some easy ways for you to learn how to be more sexually confident

There is nothing sexier than confidence, whether it is outside the bedroom or in it. When you're confident, you can take your experience to a whole new level and bring in a lot more spice to your relationship. But for most people, it isn't something that comes overnight. You have to learn how to be more sexually confident. 

Because like it or not, the fact is that confidence in bed is a big deal. And even science has proof what lack of it can do. 

A recent study by researchers from the Chapman University, Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute found that heterosexual women were having fewer orgasms than anybody else. The reason was lack of confidence. Women are often unable to openly communicate their sexual desires, believing that their pleasure is not as important. But it is, and you must learn how to be more sexually confident in order to get what your heart and body so desires.

Lucky for you, we've listed out some easy ways for you to learn how to be more sexually confident. 

How To Be More Sexually Confident: 5 Things You Must Know

1. Develop it outside the bedroom 


The first step to learn how to be more sexually confident is to work on your confidence outside the bedroom. Yes, its' easier said than done. But its not impossible. Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, especially when you're naked. You may fall in love with what you see instantly.

But the more you look at yourself, the more things you'll start loving about yourself. The more confident you feel about yourself outside the bedroom, it easier it'll get for you to assert your desires in it.  

2. Use your imagination to masturbate 


Masturbation for women is often considered a taboo subject, but its actually key to understanding your own body. You learn about the acts that you really love and the things you don't.

But to truly understand your body, don't take the help of porn. You can use visuals and reading material, but its best to let your imagination run wild. See where it takes you so you discover what turns you on. 

3. Communicate openly with your partner 


The key to being truly confident in the bedroom is also open communication. If you hide your desires and do not share them honestly with your partner, chances are you not going to be able to enjoy sex as much. The fear of judgement may scare you for a while, but if you're willing to sleep with somebody then there is no room for such fears. 

You shouldn't feel ashamed of sharing your desires. You never know, your partner may have wanted you to share what turns you on and may be open to all your suggestions. 

4. Set boundaries for yourself


There are things you might be comfortable doing and then there are those you aren't. So set boundaries for yourself and your partner.

This, irrespective of whether you want a long-term relationship or are just looking for something more casual and flirty. When you set your boundaries, its easier to set your goals and work towards them. This rule applies to the bedroom as well.  

5. Love yourself, its the most important thing


No matter what happens, love yourself. You have to be the most important person in your life. That is not to say you should be selfish with material, but with the things that matter the most- your time and heart. 

When you learn to respect yourself and give your mind, body and soul the love it deserves, you attract the right kind of crowd. One that does the same. So before you jump into the bed with somebody else, jump in it with yourself. 

All of these ideas may take time, but be patient and remember that eventually, it all begins with you.  

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