Using Egg Whites Can Make Your Hair Thick And Lustrous

Using Egg Whites Can Make Your Hair Thick And LustrousUsing Egg Whites Can Make Your Hair Thick And Lustrous

Love your poached eggs or sunny side ups? Perhaps this protein-rich food can greatly benefit our hair. Here's how to apply egg white on hair in six steps!

If you’ve been using too many chemical products on your hair, chances are they’ve become coarse and dry; and in desperate need of some TLC. Luckily, there is one item that can transform your hair in no time and is easily available in most kitchens- egg whites. And once you learn how to apply egg white on hair, you’ll notice a huge difference in your hair with just one application. 

That’s because egg whites are extremely beneficial to your locks. They contains a high content of keratin protein that can repair damaged hair and strengthen it. So much so that you will have bouncy, shiny hair again. In addition, egg white can act as surfactant that pulls out impurities and dirt from deep within your strands. 

But application of egg whites is not that simple. You must wonder how to apply egg white on hair such that you can reap all its benefits.

Egg white is not as alkaline as egg yolk, so it is better to use as a conditioner to restore moisture rather than a shampoo to cleanse the hair. And that’s where you should begin, especially if you want celebrity-like shiny and thick hair.

Here are six quick and easy steps on how to apply egg white on hair when you use it as a conditioner.

How To Apply Egg White On Hair

how to apply egg white on hair

Be careful not to leave the egg white in your hair for more than 15 minutes as the high content of protein can dry out your hair. | Image courtesy: Unsplash

1. Remove the egg white from egg yolk

First of all, we want the white part of the egg as our conditioner. So, we need to separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Grab any bowl and crack three eggs (or even one, depending on the length of your hair) over the it. Then, use a spoon to scoop out the egg yolks from the egg white. 

2. Pour the egg white into a squeezy bottle

Open the lid of your empty squeezy bottle and pour the egg white into the bottle. Then, shake the bottle to blend your egg white. Close the lid of your bottle.

If you dislike the smell of raw egg, add a few drops of lavender essential oil into the bottle. Essential oil can also act to moisturise hair for bouncier, more gorgeous locks.

3. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo

If you are wondering how to apply egg white on hair, you should also think about how to wash it off. And the best way to do it is by using a clarifying shampoo.

This type of shampoo effectively removes buildup from hair products on your hair. This is because the egg white can penetrate into your strands easily to give you sleek, soft and glowing hair. So hop into the shower with your squeezy bottle and shampoo away!

After you have finished shampooing your hair, use a towel to pat dry and squeeze out the excess water from your hair. You want our hair to be slightly damp and not drenched.

4. Squeeze the egg white over your scalp

Time for the climax of ‘how to apply egg white on hair!’ Take the bottle and squeeze the egg white over your scalp. As the cool, gooey liquid runs down your hair, use your fingertips to spread the egg white evenly throughout your hair. 

5. Leave the egg white on your hair for 1 to 3 minutes

Wait for one to three minutes for your hair to eat up the nutrients from the egg white. Consider putting a shower cap over your head as you wait so that the egg white can be more in contact with your scalp.

Be careful not to leave the egg white in your hair for more than 15 minutes as the high content of protein can dry out your hair.

6. Wash off using cool water

After the stipulated time is up, wash off the egg white from your hair using cool water. Make sure to wash off thoroughly so that your hair does not smell. 

Repeat these steps once a week to see your previously flat, lacklustre hair transform into shiny, clean and soft locks. If you notice that your hair becomes greasier, reduce the frequency or volume of use. Egg white can be ultra moisturising so too much of it can be unsuitable for some hair types. But try it before you reject it completely. 

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