How Do Fashion Bloggers Take Pictures Of Themselves?

How Do Fashion Bloggers Take Pictures Of Themselves?

From the location they pick, to the angle they use, to the clothes they wear, we tell us how fashion bloggers take pictures of themselves

Are you one of those who follow hundreds of beautiful fashion influencers on Instagram? Scroll through your feed any free time you have to gain inspiration on the latest fashion trends? And, have often wondered "How do fashion bloggers take pictures of themselves?"

Whether it is the angle they take the photo from, or the location they pick, or their sophisticated fashion style, fashion bloggers set the bar quite high. (At least on social media!).

And seeing as how most of us millennials love to replicate those hots, we are here to give you seven examples of fashion bloggers in Singapore and Asia so you can up that Instagram game of yours. See how they do it, and you can try these ways for yourself!

How Do Fashion Bloggers Take Pictures Of Themselves?
1. Pose in an angle that shows off that coveted fashion item | @bellywellyjelly
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Christabel Chua was a finalist in the Miss Singapore Universe, and so she has an effortless vibe to her. A fashion blogger who had a brief stint with The Smart Local, she is one of the most popular Singaporean influencers on Instagram.

In this photo album, the camera is taking her from a 45 degree angle from her back. It helps that she has a smooth and flawless back which she shows off in a casual green dress.

She is carrying a squarish brown bag with cute handles and she places one of its thin straps over her left shoulder. The focus of the photo goes to her bag immediately, which is a clever way to showcase your newest fashion item in your Instagram post

2. Avert your eyes from the camera to feel more comfortable | @rachsuen
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Rachel Su En wishes that women, like yourself, could experiment more with colours and patterns. Her own fashion style is feminine but unique, with princessy bell sleeves and  flowery maxi dresses. 

How do fashion blogger take pictures of themselves? Most of the time, they look away from the camera instead of looking directly at the camera. This gives off a candid vibe in their photographs. 

In this photo, Rachel is turning her body to the camera to show the full appearance of her Korean-style pink button down dress and her ruffly white bag. Moreover, she turns her head away from the camera so that only her side view is seen. This can be a trick for those of you who are not comfortable staring directly into the camera.

3. Make your photos come alive with movements | @margaret_zhang
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This Chinese-Australian is one multi-tasker. She not only models for her fashion Instagram but she is also a photographer, director, stylist, and a writer.

As you scroll down her Instagram feed, you will realise that her photographs have an ethereal and graceful feel to them. One photo cleverly captures translucent curtains billowing in the wind and the morning sunlight subtly shining through them. Similarly, her photographs of herself have the same artistic presence to them.

The photos in this photo album capture herself in motion. The audience, when looking at her walking down a busy street with a book and a newspaper in her arms, will assume that she is probably on her way to work or something important. 

4. Contrast your vivid outfit colours with a white wall | @ploychava
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Ploy Chava is a Thailand-based fashion Instagrammer who is ELLE Thailand's Social and Style Editor.

Ploy's wardrobe style is fun, vibrant and quirky with cute cartoonish animal prints on her ballet flats and bright red stilettos. If you are a pants girl, she is one fashion blogger you would love as she is often clad in denim skinny jeans or flattering culottes. 

Using a white wall as background is one of the ways fashion bloggers take photos of themselves. In this photo, Ploy is wearing a long-sleeved bright orange crop top and a navy blue denim jeans.

Her heels and sunglasses are a neon green colour. To emphasize on the vivid colours of her outfit, she picked a white wall as a background to contrast with her outfit.

5. Play with light to make your photo come alive | @violaerin
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Viola Tan is one of the co-founders of the largest blogshop in Singapore, Love, Bonito. She describes her own fashion style as sophisticated yet classy.

The sun is setting in this photo, with part of the sun light blocked by the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the background. The light that shines from behind casts on her back such that her hair presents an alluring tinge of reddish-brown. 

The white colour of her dress is basking in the bright light, making the photograph appear alive and rejuvenating. Her facial expression is shy and she is smiling, as if the golden sunlight from behind is so overwhelmingly glorious that she hides away her face in pure delight.

6. Play with light to create beautiful silhouette | @trishnarawr
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Trishna Goklani is a Singaporean influencer currently studying Fashion Journalism in London. Her Instagram feed has an array of aesthetic photos that look like they came right off a Vogue magazine. 

Maybe you are not a morning person or you are usually at your favourite French restaurant tasting fine cuisine in the evening, so you do not get to catch the sun rise or sun set. But the question "how do fashion bloggers take pictures of themselves" is still running through your mind.

Actually, anytime of the day would work if you can find a spot with sufficient light. Trishna is seen basking in soft light, with a shadow of her gorgeous silhouette cast on the white wall behind her. 

7. Swing that maxi skirt! | @melissackoh
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Melissa Koh started blogging since she was 14-years-old and made a career switch from working in a private bank to being a full-time fashion blogger. She lives and breathes her work of brainstorming ideas and creating content.

She is seen playing with her maxi skirt in this photo, lifting it up and swinging such that the audience can take in the full glory of her patterned skirt. If you have a long dress or skirt that you can swing it around, use that to your advantage!

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Bernice Leong