How To Style An Anti-Theft Hobo Bag To Create A New Look Each Time

How To Style An Anti-Theft Hobo Bag To Create A New Look Each TimeHow To Style An Anti-Theft Hobo Bag To Create A New Look Each Time

This versatile bag is here to stay and we're sharing some handy hobo fashion tips so you can style it with all of your outfits

To say that your handbag holds your entire universe would be an understatement. Because honestly, it does more than that. Usually it's a combination of her keys, phone, wallet, charger, hand lotion, sanitiser, lip balm, makeup pouch. But sometimes it also works as shoe closet or a snack bar. Perhaps intuiting this, bag makers designed the hobo.

It is big enough to keep everything and can make a fashionable statement at the same time. Naturally, for a busy girl on-the-go, the hobo is literally the best invention.

But if you're wondering whether or not you can style it with outfits other than your jeans and tee, we're here to tell you "Yes, you can!" We'll show you how it's done so you can also experiment with other outfits and still carry your favourite bag. 

Hobo Fashion Tips: Style Your Anti-Theft Bag

Let's take a look at some handy hobo fashion tips to help you style it better.  

#1 The biker chic

A jeans and tee is the best combination for most busy girls, and we are sure it's your go-to as well. 

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But you can give it a stylish spin by throwing in a biker jacket and your hobo. If you love to ride your own bike, you can add some boots to the combination. Otherwise, flat ballerinas could make for a more work-appropriate look. 

#2 The power ranger

There is nothing better than a bag that can carry everything and then your laptop, as you rush to work. 

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A hobo is also perfect for the stylish and ambitious woman; plus, you can style it with a jumpsuit or your powersuit to make a power-packed fashion statement. 

#3 The feminine chick 

For all those girls who love their dresses and skirts, a hobo is the perfect addition to your wardrobe as well. 

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It adds a feminine touch with its soft curves between the straps and you have enough space to stuff your hats and umbrellas too!

#4 The party animal 

If you are all about taking your look from day to night, the hobo is going to be your best friend. 

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You can store everything—your party dress, heels and makeup—and make a style statement by ditching the small clutches.  

#5 The casually chic

Mum jeans and flared pants are all the rage at the moment and hobos add a touch of bohemia to the look.

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If you are a gal who prefers comfort over trend, the hobo is the perfect accessory for all your outfits. Pair it with flared jeans and a casual jumper and add ankle-length boots to the combination. 

#6 The classy lady 

For those gals who can and like to invest in bags, Chanel's newest hobo bag, the Gabrielle is the perfect addition. It is classy, elegant and can be worn with pretty much everything (and you must if you invested so much money on it!).

You can take your look from day to night with this type of a hobo. Pair it with light coloured pants and loose shirts during the day and take it with you to a party in a chic well-fitted dress. 

#7 The workaholic 

For those busy working gals, the hobo is perhaps the best invention. You can practically throw in everything into that one bag and carry your universe around. 

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We're sure you would also love that fact that such a bag is versatile enough to be worn with suits and skirts alike. 

So the next time you go out for bag shopping, consider these hobo fashion tips. It's a bag that can be worn with practically every outfit, it fits your entire universe and can easily compliment your day and night looks. 

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