Why Heart Evangelista Is Our Ultimate #FashionGoals

Why Heart Evangelista Is Our Ultimate #FashionGoalsWhy Heart Evangelista Is Our Ultimate #FashionGoals

Heart Evangelista is a real-life Disney princess and we can't help but love her style

Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero aka Heart Evangelista is a household name in the Philippines. As a child actor, this chinita beauty grew up in front of millions of viewers and blossomed into the sophisticated and graceful woman she is today. 

In fact, she almost seems like a real-life Disney princess. She is a well-known artist, an avid traveller, she and her husband Senator Chiz Escidero are #relationshipgoals. Not to forget, her house is to die for! Have you seen it yet? But what people love most about Heart is her fashion sensibilities. She's always well put together and on-point. 

You don't have to personally know her to check what we're talking about. Just browse through all the Heart Evengelista Instagram posts and even you'll agree that she is a fashion icon and deserves all the love (see what we did there!). 

Heart Evangelista Instagram Posts Reveal The Fashionista She Is 

1. Redefining classics 

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Heart loves to redefine fashion basics and is often seen mixing and matching her outfits to try new looks. But her  vision behind each look is for it to be graceful and presentable. 

In fact, in an interview to StarStyle Evangelista revealed, "It was a conscious effort when I was younger because I was also trying to discover who I was. But I grew up with a mom who was always dressed up, always postura and baridosa, meaning she really took care of her skin. So it came naturally to me and whenever people ask me if I’m wearing what I’m wearing to the grocery, I say yes because it’s how I am."

2. Power dresser

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Even though she loves to experiment, power dressing seems to come quite naturally to her. Given that she runs a YouTube channel, has launched her own set of lipsticks, has an enviable clientele who get their luxury handbags painted by her and is the ambassador to many luxe brands.

She is a certainly a trailblazer and one who doesn't worry about what others think of her and loves to dress up like that. As she shared, "You don’t have to be beautiful for anyone else but yourself and if by chance it inspires people, then keep doing you. You don’t have to care about what other people say."

3. Party poppers 

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All this business doesn't mean Evangelista doesn't love letting her hair down. She expresses herself through her art and her clothes and doesn't mind sharing her life with her followers.

"I’ve always wanted to share my life. I mean I don’t want to flood my Instagram page because I have so many pictures and experiences that I want to share with my fans or people who are just curious to know more about me and my journey," she added. 

4. Smart and savvy

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  A post shared by Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte) on

The 33-year-old fashionista is also known for her philanthropic work but she rarely screams about it from mountaintops.

On the Heart Evangelista Instagram you mostly get to see her new looks and she only shares a few of the initiatives close to her heart because she clearly doesn't want to publicise this too much, which makes her even more endearing.

“When they think, ‘she’s moody’ or ‘a bit too uptight’, it kind of works for you because in this world we live in, sometimes when you’re not so open, they respect you. But when they see that you’re actually really nice, they take advantage of your kindness. So as I got older, I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve as much or it would be invisible where nobody can see it," she she told StarStyle.  

5. Monochromatic chic

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  A post shared by Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte) on

Heart also loves to experiment with new fabrics and designs and is often inspired by her icons.

Ask her about her icons, and the names that immediately pop into her are "Miroslava Duma, Chiarra Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, and Victoria Beckham. She’s like my life peg. And Grace Kelly!"

No wonder then her style is quite like these classic icons and she is often called the Audrey Hepburn of the Philippines. 

6. Streetwear classic

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  A post shared by Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte) on

If classic elegance was something Heart is known for, she is also loved for her streetwear chic casuals, with her famous Hermes bags. 

Did you know that Heart paints luxe Hermes bags for herself and an enviable clientele. She shared in the interview that she still paints them but doesn't talk about them too much.

"I took a break. I also didn’t want it to be so commercialized because I wanted to respect the people who hired me to paint their bags. It gives them the exclusivity or elusiveness to have bags that not everyone carries," she shared.  

7. Classic Heart style 

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Her young millennial fans love to emulate Heart's classic elegant style and she often gets a whole lot of love for pictures where she sports sophisticated dresses. 

She also loves to accessorise her clothes with her famous Louis Vuitton jewellery and Cartier bracelets. And of course, her latest obsession- the Dior bracelets. 

"I’m obsessed with the J’adior woven bracelets of Dior," as she shared.

8. Elegance personified 

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Heart works very closely with her stylist and makeup artist to come up with different looks. She clearly doesn't love to repeat outfits and is always seen in an inspiring outfit such as this one.

She wore this gorgeous outfit for the opening ceremony of the 17th Congress and looked every bit the princess she is. And she often credits her pampered life to her husband. 

"I love being married. I think it’s nice because I got married to somebody who is fifteen years older than me. There is no pretending to begin with," she shared.  

9. Red carpet glam 

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  A post shared by Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte) on

As for all the red carpet glam, Evangelista is always ready. She shares that apart from her outfits, she loves to put on makeup and feel better about herself. 

"It truly changes my mood. I know that because I’ve never been incredibly sad in my life until recently. I wasn’t going out of my house, but the moment that I decided to go out and put on my red lipstick, I felt like a different person. As if nothing happened. Thick brows, red lips, and mascara. It changes you, you know? It really makes you glow," she shares. 

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